Pop-Up Submissions LIVE | Hosted By Literary Agent Peter Cox Dec. 15, 2020

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"Featured on today's Pop-Up Submissions... * Book of Shai I - Young Adult - Sci-Fi by Homer Shingles III * How To Dig Your Own Grave - Satirical Serial Killer Thriller by Michele Houlihan * Pantheon - Historical Fantasy Fiction by William Bayliss-Brown * Pemberton Manor - Commercial Women'S Fiction/Mystery by Georgina Key * A Car Called She - Young Adult - Sci-Fi by Gerard Byrne Peter Cox's Special Guests Today Are Tex Thompson and Dean Baxter! Watch this show on YouTube https://youtu.be/0Kf-d7iWUyU Tex Thompson's book recommendation is True Grit by Charles Portis. Dean Baxter's book recommendation is [Way of …

Five submissions - three judges - and one genius chat room!