A Point of View

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A weekly reflection on a topical issue.

What is a Woman? April 15, 2022
Zoe Strimpel asks the simple-yet-complex question, 'what is a woman?'
The everyday repression of life in Russia, as seen by an anonymous dissident playwright.
Helpless April 1, 2022
A L Kennedy reflects on a 1950s experiment in inducing despair.
Tolstoy in Our Time March 25, 2022
Adam Gopnik seeks enlightenment for our time in Tolstoy's War and Peace.
Sarah Dunant on the power of images in war.
There Are No Words March 11, 2022
Rebecca Stott on conversations with her Russian friend.
Return of the Bomb March 4, 2022
Will Self argues that the threat of a nuclear apocalypse has never really gone away.
It's Not Their War Feb. 25, 2022
Sara Wheeler says that the attack on Ukraine is not the war of Russians she has known.
An Ecological Reparation Feb. 18, 2022
John Connell on planting trees on his family farm as reparation for years of flying.
Selective Vision Feb. 11, 2022
Sara Wheeler reflects on the harm done by seeing only from our own point of view.
Misopedia Feb. 4, 2022
Will Self deplores the British attitude to children, mixing sentimentality with cruelty
Leaving the Ivory Tower Jan. 28, 2022
As she leaves academia, Rebecca Stott says an audit culture is stifling universities.
Sarah Dunant asks if we should judge the past by the standards of the present - or future.
David Goodhart rejects what he calls the 'Eton conspiracy myth'.
On Rapid Home Delivery Jan. 7, 2022
Zoe Strimpel reflects on the impact of rapid home delivery on the way we live our lives.
Adam Gopnik on the quest for lost souls.
The Sea at Christmas Dec. 24, 2021
Howard Jacobson stares out to sea....and ponders the 'mysterious nexus of sea and Santa'.
A Sense of Home Dec. 17, 2021
Will Self on our fetishisation of property.
Sarah Dunant discusses living on a cusp of history.
Sara Wheeler reflects on why place names matter.