A Point of View

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A weekly reflection on a topical issue.

Red Tape July 9, 2021
Tom Shakespeare on our relationship with red tape, past and present.
The Boring Twenties July 2, 2021
Niall Ferguson argues that predictions of a 'Roaring Twenties' may be misplaced.
The Culture War June 25, 2021
Zoe Strimpel argues that the culture war is not a storm in a teacup.
Howard Jacobson on Zionism and the disappointment of a dream.
The Arts in Our Hearts June 11, 2021
Bernardine Evaristo on why the country's arts must be cherished.
The Past is Never Dead June 4, 2021
Sara Wheeler rereads fifty years of diaries and ponders lessons learned.
Eavesdropping May 28, 2021
Will Self muses on the joys of eavesdropping.
On Concrete May 21, 2021
Rebecca Stott on why we need to rethink our love affair with concrete.
Absence of Exultation May 14, 2021
Adam Gopnik ponders New Yorkers' response to the passing of the pandemic there.
Invisible Women May 7, 2021
Zoe Strimpel questions some of the dominant gender narratives around the Me Too movement.
David Goodhart reflects on group identities in the aftermath of the Sewell report.
The Age of Infantilism April 23, 2021
Howard Jacobson reflects on the 'incorrigible unseriousness' of our age.
What are you doing here? April 16, 2021
Michael Morpurgo on how a personal meeting shaped his views.
Rebecca Stott on memories of Angel Delight, Smash powder and an invaluable device....
The Florida Phone Call April 2, 2021
Adam Gopnik reflects on why Tik-Tok will never be his thing.
Sara Wheeler argues that the Mrs-Miss distinction has no place in contemporary Britain.
Sarah Dunant ponders what effect this year will have on future conversation.
John Connell reflects on how the pandemic is breaking the spell of cities.
What'll you have? Feb. 26, 2021
Tom Shakespeare on pubs in peril.
A Sense of an Opening Feb. 19, 2021
Susie Orbach on finding the right words to help get us through the pandemic.