A Point of View

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A weekly reflection on a topical issue.

Going Underground Feb. 12, 2021
Will Self on why he longs for the day he can travel again on the London underground.
A Sense of Fear Feb. 5, 2021
Zoe Strimpel tries to understand her sense of panic at news of Britain closing its borders
Sacking the Capitols Jan. 29, 2021
Sarah Dunant imagines how the storming of the US Capitol building might go down in history
Rebecca Stott on why stories told over time seem so fitting for lockdown.
Whose Free Speech? Jan. 15, 2021
John Gray argues that social media bans on Donald Trump pose many risks.
Adam Gopnik attempts to make sense of events in Washington this week.
Adam Gopnik on the bitter-sweet joys of cycling round Central Park.
Spiritual Pick and Mix Dec. 25, 2020
Bernardine Evaristo reflects on spirituality and syncretism.
Off the Map Dec. 18, 2020
Sara Wheeler on navigating unmapped territory.
Howard Jacobson reflects on hugging, past and present.
Edible Architecture Dec. 4, 2020
Will Self on why he's decided to "eat" buildings
Bernardine Evaristo reflects on body image and the fashion industry.
Experience Trumps Facts Nov. 20, 2020
David Goodhart defends objective facts over personal experience.
Perpetual Lockdown Nov. 13, 2020
Sara Wheeler on lockdown for her brother, severely learning disabled, and others like him
Don't Mention the War Nov. 6, 2020
Howard Jacobson with his personal reaction to a monumental week in US politics.
Pets Aren't People! Oct. 30, 2020
Zoe Strimpel examines why we've become so passionately obsessed with dogs.
Brief Encounters Oct. 23, 2020
Will Self advocates a novel practice for our times.
The Great Conjunction Oct. 16, 2020
Adam Gopnik reflects on the appearance of Jupiter in the skies over Manhattan.
Rebecca Stott on memories of Angel Delight, Smash powder and an invaluable device.
The Pro-Mask Movement Oct. 2, 2020
Bernardine Evaristo on why wearing a mask these days is the least we can do.