A Point of View

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A weekly reflection on a topical issue.

On Risk May 8, 2020
AL Kennedy on how we perceive risk.
Will Self ponders what lessons Aboriginal culture might have for the days of pandemic.
A Few Good Trade Offs April 24, 2020
Zia Haider Rahman discusses the moral questions facing us in lifting the lockdown
On Not Finishing April 17, 2020
Rebecca Stott reflects on unfinished projects.
Grandad We Love You April 10, 2020
Tom Shakespeare on becoming a grandad for the first time.
Adam Gopnik on life in lockdown in New York.
Sarah Dunant on how imagination will be a vital tool to deal with social distancing.
Cause for Hope March 20, 2020
Michael Morpurgo on hunkering down in his cottage... waiting for coronavirus to pass.
Adam Gopnik on his children leaving home and becoming an "empty nester".
What to do? March 6, 2020
Tom Shakespeare asks how best to confront difficult situations.
Recline-gate Feb. 28, 2020
To recline - or not to recline - your seat on an aeroplane? Adam Gopnik on "recline-gate"
Inhaling History Feb. 21, 2020
Sarah Dunant on the romance of writing history.
An Epidemic of History Feb. 14, 2020
Sarah Dunant discusses the relationship between disease and the culture of history.
Sodcasting Feb. 7, 2020
Will Self bemoans the ever-increasing difficulty of finding a bit of peace and quiet.
Howard Jacobson on why he’s taken to folding plastic bags.
Howard Jacobson discusses why we all need to be concerned about anti-Semitism.
The Ring of the Nibelung Jan. 17, 2020
Following the death of Sir Roger Scruton, a chance to listen again to one of his talks.
On Hypocrisy Jan. 10, 2020
Will Self explores what he sees as a growing sense of collective hypocrisy.
Rebecca Stott on the joys of becoming a seal warden.
Rebecca Stott on her fascination with taxidermy.