A Point of View

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A weekly reflection on a topical issue.

John Gray ponders why the belief that an end to history is imminent, never goes away.
Will Self on why - for the first time in his life - he didn't vote.
John Gray reflects on the lessons today of an unusual U.S. newspaper column
Following the death of Clive James - one of his first talks for "A Point of View".
The Sex Recession Nov. 22, 2019
Adam Gopnik argues that there's no need to panic about the much-discussed US sex recession
On Spam Nov. 15, 2019
Adam Gopnik ponders why so much of our communication these days is bereft of human warmth.
Sarah Dunant on the rediscovery of undervalued women of art.
The Great Divide Nov. 1, 2019
David Goodhart argues it's time to look again at our tradition of residential universities
Sarah Dunant describes an evening talking with a group of strangers about death.
David Goodhart on the rise of new 'tribes' in British political life.
Margaret Heffernan argues that, in the world of technology, nothing is inevitable.
Michael Morpurgo on the damage being caused to increasing numbers of children by stress.
Keep right on Sept. 27, 2019
Michael Morpurgo reflects on growing old.
Who are you looking at? Sept. 20, 2019
Tom Shakespeare on what it feels like to be stared at.
A Change of Tack Sept. 13, 2019
Tom Shakespeare on why changing your mind shouldn't be seen as a weakness.
September Anxiety Sept. 6, 2019
Sarah Dunant on why this year's September malaise has a different feel to it.
On Ghost Cities Aug. 30, 2019
Rebecca Stott discusses her fascination with abandoned or ruined cities.
Rebecca Stott argues that we need to rethink our relationship with nature.
Against Theory Aug. 16, 2019
Will Self on why he has a problem with theory.
To the Bathroom! Aug. 9, 2019
Will Self ponders our infantilism regarding our toilet habits.