A Point of View

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A weekly reflection on a topical issue.

Will Self bemoans the growing commoditisation of culture in the public sector.
Leaving Florence July 26, 2019
Sarah Dunant on why she's abandoned her beloved city of Florence.
John Gray asks if a no-deal Brexit is the only way out of current events.
The Language of Leaving July 12, 2019
Howard Jacobson sets out to take back sovereignty... over words.
My People July 5, 2019
Taking his lead from Duke Ellington, Amit Chaudhuri asks, what do we mean by 'my people'?
Distributing Status June 28, 2019
David Goodhart argues that earlier eras have much to teach us about group solidarity.
Linda Colley discusses the cult of charismatic leaders and why they never properly deliver
Refugee Tales June 14, 2019
Monica Ali on the UK's use of immigration detention centres and indefinite detention.
Simply a Writer June 7, 2019
Monica Ali explores the challenges faced by writers of colour.
Val McDermid on why public libraries must be kept open.
David Goodhart on why he believes democracy - far from being in crisis - is thriving.
Tackling homelessness May 10, 2019
Val McDermid ponders how we can fix homelessness.
What Would Darwin Do? May 3, 2019
Rebecca Stott imagines a conversation with Darwin about our environmental concerns
Sarah Dunant proposes a National Anger Day – a catharsis to help us all be less… angry!
After the Fire April 19, 2019
Joanna Robertson reflects from Paris on the days after the Notre Dame fire.
AL Kennedy reflects on why automation needs to be governed by human needs and strengths.
On Holding Forth April 5, 2019
Rebecca Stott on her pet hate – being talked AT!
John Gray reflects on where British politics goes from here.
Sarah Dunant on the thorny relationship between culture and the money that supports it.
Zia Haider Rahman on why Brexit has made him feel closer to Britain.