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Parental Alienation Oct. 25, 2021
Sonia Sodha explores the use of “parental alienation” in the family courts
As voice cloning technology advances how might it affect society and politics?
Who Defends Europe? Oct. 4, 2021
After Afghanistan and France's defence row with the US, who will ensure Europe's security?
Reimagining the Nation Sept. 27, 2021
What happens to a nation when its media fragments?
Cancelling Colston July 19, 2021
The statue of Bristol slaver Edward Colston has gone – but his legacy persists in the city
What impact are social justice movements having on scientific research and development?
What prospects are there for a two state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
What view of its history does China's Communist Party present, what does it omit and why?
A New Unionism? June 21, 2021
Chris Bowlby assesses the future of Unionism in Northern Ireland
Funny Money June 16, 2021
Where does money's value come from in this increasingly online world? Ben Chu investigates
Marvellous Medicine June 14, 2021
Has the pandemic enabled us to accelerate the pace of drug development?
How remote working and online shopping could reshape our towns and cities.
What the Foucault? May 24, 2021
Why are some British politicians afraid of a dead French philosopher?
Post-Brexit, the UK is re-branding itself as "Global Britain", but what does that mean?
What has the pandemic revealed about science and our relationship with it?
Margaret Heffernan explores the fine art of decision making in times of uncertainty.
Levelling Up Wakefield March 8, 2021
Anand Menon returns to his home city to road test plans to level up the UK economy.
Magic Weapons March 1, 2021
What is political warfare and what should we do about it?
Ex-Labour voters say the party is insufficiently patriotic. So what should it do about it?
Flying Blind Feb. 15, 2021
Michael Blastland examines how our collective ignorance affects policy and debate.