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Programme examining the ideas and forces which shape public policy in Britain and abroad, presented by distinguished writers, journalists and academics.

Michael Blastland asks whether the seemingly privileged Baby Boomers should bear the brunt of Government spending cuts.
Can politicians make us more patriotic? Dr John Bew compares the old and new governments' approaches to Britishness and examines plans to teach more British history in schools.
Frances Cairncross explores how the new Office for Budget Responsibility will change the way Britain decides its taxation and spending policy.
In this week's Analysis Ben Rogers asks whether getting us to make public pledges and promises can change our behaviour.
Whatever you believe about climate change you should be concerned about how our society responds to the issue. Some environmentalists are already arguing that democracy should be suspended in the face of the climate challenge. But is that already happening, are democratic institutions being eroded by climate legislation? In the …
Edward Stourton asks whether a political deal could be done with the Taliban.
Kenan Malik asks whether understanding our brains is an opportunity to make us all better people - or a dangerous fad, with dark ethical consequences.
Gary Younge assesses the strength and influence of the Tea Party movement in the US.
UK Immigration: were the unprecedented numbers of people migrating to Britain in the Labour era the result of a policy accident or design? In a programme originally broadcast on 8 February 2010, towards the end of the last parliament, David Goodhart...
Foreigner Policy Feb. 8, 2010
David Goodhart investigates the ideological forces behind mass immigration.
EU withdrawal is being seriously discussed for the first time in a generation. But how would it work? In a programme previously broadcast on 16 November 2009, Analysis looks at the Lisbon Treaty, which contains a clause setting out an exit process....
Divorcing Europe Nov. 16, 2009
What would happen if Britain chose to leave the European Union? Chris Bowlby reports.
Are the political elite losing touch with how most voters really live, asks Michael Blastland....
Michael Blastland asks if 'group-think' is distancing policy from the public.
Storytelling is an art that our politicians are keen to use on us. But are their stories getting in the way of making the right decisions? Frances Stonor Saunders finds that the desire for a dramatic narrative arc can sometimes lead us to ignore the...
Jackanory Politics Feb. 21, 2008
Frances Stonor examines the method of delivering a political message by telling a story.