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Programme examining the ideas and forces which shape public policy in Britain and abroad, presented by distinguished writers, journalists and academics.

Journalist Helen Lewis uncovers the roots of 'woke' culture.
Unequal England March 9, 2020
Paul Johnson explores what the world of work tells us about inequality in England.
How the furore over a single arrest demonstrates China's rising power.
Why aren't The Greens more popular?
Do voters need therapy? Feb. 17, 2020
James Tilley asks to what extent our politics is now steeped in cognitive distortion?
The Early Years Miracle? Feb. 10, 2020
The government spends billions on early years education - but what good is it doing?
Will a combination of data and artificial intelligence transform the future of the NHS?
Get woke or go broke? Jan. 27, 2020
Are businesses serious about getting woke or is it old capitalism with new lipstick on?
NATO at 70 Nov. 18, 2019
NATO won the first Cold War, but could it lose the second?
How well do our politicians understand British history?
Margaret Heffernan challenges a view that polarisation means we do not change our minds.
Do the EU's state aid rules hold the UK back from having a more active industrial policy?
The New Censorship Oct. 21, 2019
How censorship works in our information age.
A question of artefacts Oct. 14, 2019
How should museums deal with contentious legacies?
The Problem with Boys Oct. 7, 2019
The reverse gender gap: why boys are failing at school and what can be done about it.
Whiteness Sept. 30, 2019
Do white people need to think more about their race?
A shorter working week July 22, 2019
What happened to the dream of working less? Sonia Sodha investigates the four- day week.
Claire Read introduces her special series about the impact of one day of the Afghan war.
Are Britain's two main political parties now in terminal decline?
The Forgotten Half July 8, 2019
Why is the further education of young people who don't go to university so neglected?