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Ken Ham is president of Answers in Genesis and cofounder of the 75,000-square- foot Creation Museum. This daily, 60-second audio program is also broadcast on over 800 radio stations.

Not Enough Antimatter? Sept. 6, 2022

The big bang would have produced matter and antimatter. But there’s only tract amounts of antimatter throughout the universe. So, where’s the antimatter?


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Older Episodes

Most people believe the universe began with a big bang billions of years ago. But the big bang isn’t scientific!
Dragons or Dinosaurs? Sept. 2, 2022
Could dragons be the faded memory of when man and dinosaurs lived together? Yes! You see, according to the Bible’s timeline, humans did live with dinosaurs.
Due to climate and habitat changes and human hunting, dinosaurs likely died out like many other creatures have throughout history.
Many people picture a _T. rex_ searching for a small dino snack. But that’s not how things were when dinosaurs were first created.
Genesis tells us God created all of the land creatures on day six of creation week, and that would include dinosaurs.
Dinosaurs are only a great mystery if you start with evolutionary ideas!
The ultimate answer to racism is the answer to our sin problem: the gospel.
The Biblical Solution Aug. 25, 2022
There are huge problems with critical race theory. So, if the world’s answer isn’t correct, how can we, as Christians, address racism?
A Tool for Christians? Aug. 24, 2022
Critical race theory, or CRT, is being presented as the answer to racism, and many Christians are saying it’s a tool we can use to end racism.
Racism isn’t ultimately about skin shade—it’s about our sinful hearts! Because all people have sinned, as the Bible teaches, anyone can be racist!
CRT—What Is It? Aug. 22, 2022
Many in our culture are trying to address the issue of racism by applying critical race theory, or CRT.
Hope for All Aug. 19, 2022
Abortion is murder. It’s a sin against a holy God. But it isn’t some kind of special sin God can’t forgive.
But What About … ? Aug. 18, 2022
A child’s value isn’t determined by the circumstances surrounding conception. That person has value simply because they’re made in God’s image.
A Woman’s Choice? Aug. 17, 2022
A so-called “pro-choice pastor” recently argued that a patient’s room is too small for a woman, her doctor, and the government but he forgot about three others.
Adoption Trauma? Aug. 16, 2022
Have you ever heard the argument that adoption can be very traumatic for both the mother and the child, so abortion must stay legal?
Many parents—often at the advice of a doctor—decide to end their child’s life based on these tests!
God designed the arteries in the uterus to seal off when the placenta detaches. Instead of losing all her blood, mom usually loses less than one pint!
One-Pound Wonder Aug. 11, 2022
The baby is not an extension of the mother’s body. He or she is distinct and must be protected by the amazing placenta.
Does Viability Matter? Aug. 10, 2022
The ability to survive on our own doesn’t determine personhood—abortion is wrong at this stage and at any other.