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The Dinner Party Download is a fast and funny hour of culture, food and conversation -- the arts and leisure section of public radio -- with hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam. Previous guests include Steve Martin, Scarlett Johansson and Kevin Hart. Entertainment Weekly named The Dinner Party Download one of 20 Podcasts You Need to Hear in 2015. Twitter: @dinnerpartydnld.

This week: Comedy juggernaut Judd Apatow courts disaster... London's suds flood... and Rico experiences the sweet taste of Conflict. Plus, a joke from author du jour Dinaw Mengestu and new music from Kiwi band Secret Knives.
This week: Comedian Paul F. Tompkins is no longer driven...A congressional beatdown for the ages...And the cult draining Seagram's...Plus, new music from the band Tennis.
This Week: Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich gets exposed... the death of silent movies... and Rico is presented with a menu of crimes. Plus Small Black... Guam's rain of rodents... and a so-so So So Glo joke.
This week: Artist-turned-filmmaker Sam Taylor-Wood reveals a secret... San Francisco takes the happy out of meals... And we learn about an invention that really sucked. Plus: new music from Deerhunter.
This week: Oscar-winning filmmaker Davis ("An Inconvenient Truth") Guggenheim schools us on his latest movie... We take a trip down memory superhighway... Apple's got a Situation... and a meta joke.
This week: Author/artist/publisher Dave Eggers tells us something he CAN'T do... A British Major fails the cough test... and a long-shot Longshot. Plus a joke from Tony Millionaire and music from Belle & Sebastian.
This week: Noah Lennox (a.k.a. Panda Bear) gives us a sporting shot... Peter the Great wages war on the hirsute... And Rico meets the baker behind some medical munchies.
This week: The Clientele's Alasdair MacLean is a minotaur... London's burning... and the NFL tackles falling attendance. Plus: Moody humor, and a lost gem from the Neil who isn't Diamond.
This week: Director Spike Jonze channels Flava Flav... We dig up the salty story behind America's favorite snack... and Brendan learns what it's like to hustle grilled cheese on the mean streets of NYC.
This week: Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan puzzles over the Indian film industry... An explosive burst of red-hot history... And Farai Chideya explains why teens just won't listen.
This week: Celebrated novelist Gary Shteyngart doggedly pursues mental health... A history lesson you can crank to eleven... and Rico learns French Fries know no limits.
This week: "The Office" star Rainn Wilson goes from artsy to fartsy... Eat Pray Lovers asked to Eat Pay Leave... and the real fake King of Albania.
This week: '80s teen icon Molly Ringwald barks like a dog (and talk about her new book)...William Shatner speaks the language of hope... And Brendan eats corn smut.
This week: Tennis superstar Venus Williams lives long and prospers...Texas criminals get literate...And a befuddled (or brilliant!) aviator takes a wrong way turn into the history books. Plus, rocker Cass McCombs on cloud control.
This week: Sebastian Junger joins Afghanistan's band of brothers... a devilish Okie spawns the parking meter... and Rico gets a (tiny) taste of rationed food during WWII. Plus, a joke from author/satirist Gary ("Absurdistan") Shteyngart... and Cults to join.
This week: Portland sextet Blitzen Trapper eyes us up...the throne stone from Scone...and Brendan meets an artist who bites the dust...literally. Plus Top Chef Ludo Lefebvre eats his own, and new Wavves.
This week Simon Rich kills Hitler...Muhammad Ali vs. the U.S.A...and a sweet and sour honeymoon
This week Rico scares the Jesus out of Paul Verhoeven...three strikes you're drunk...and Temp of the Month: Kai Rysdall
This week Wallace Shawn critiques power and Brendan...the FBI investigates Louie Louie...and RIco chats with a restarauteur who's not kidding around.
This Week: Celebrated author Marisa Silver exorcises her right to write... We go on the lam with Ronnie Biggs... and Brendan discovers a sandwich shop inside a bodega wrapped up in an enigma.