The Dinner Party Download

by Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam · · · · 49 subscribers

The Dinner Party Download is a fast and funny hour of culture, food and conversation -- the arts and leisure section of public radio -- with hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam. Previous guests include Steve Martin, Scarlett Johansson and Kevin Hart. Entertainment Weekly named The Dinner Party Download one of 20 Podcasts You Need to Hear in 2015. Twitter: @dinnerpartydnld.

This week: Actor Paul Dano is achin' for bacon... the classic story of New Coke...and why BYOF will sadly not be the new BYOB.
This Week: Victor Vasquez of rap savants Das Racist talks bop... Canada politely explodes... and Alicia Silverstone tries to veganize Brendan.
This Week: Comic Tig Notaro gets all southern-fancy... we admire Wall Street's big brass bells... and designer Ali Pulver shows Rico how to eat on the street.
A very special episode: almost every joke we've ever had on the show, collected in one convenient podcast. Black Francis, Tom Jones, Billy Bragg, Leslie Caron and many, many more regale you with miniature tales of guys in bars, lightbulb-changers, penguins and a mainstream cloud. Some are funny. Some are …
This Week: Garage-country songsters Holly Golightly & Lawyer Dave pack heat... a piece about peace... and Brendan sustains interest in sustainable dinner parties.
Bestselling author Joshua Ferris talks the walk... Renassance Italy burns in vain... and Rico learns what locavores do when it snowcavores.
"Big Fan" filmmaker Robert Siegel has a clipped conversation with Rico... we meet a modern caveman... and Brendan investigates the Food Trend trend. Plus a joke, or lack thereof, from *the* Leslie Caron.
This week: Rock band Midlake gets medieval on Brendan... America's 1st female senator is silently defiant... and Rico learns why, in restaurants, silence is not an option.
This Week: What do Lamont Dozier, Dr. Albert Hoffman, Swine Flu business suits, Girls and deep-fried butter have in common? They all appeared on the Dinner Party Download this year, and they're all in our annual Best Of episode. Plus Jonathan Coulton breaks the ice... and download Rico's favorite tune …
This Week: Filmmaker Terry Gilliam holds the devil at bay... We learn about Japan's most infamous heist... and Brendan meets a cupcake he actually likes. PLUS the Pixies' Black Francis breaks the ice... and download a song from rock orchestra Citay.
This Week: Writer George Saunders pitches a tent... an Alabama housewife gets hit on by a star... and a famed deli just can't quit cold turkey.
This Week: Julian Casablancas strokes the new 90210...Brendan checks out the swimsuit issue of food mags... and we learn about the Motor City's lemon legend.
This week: Musician Laura Veirs breathes deep... author Jonathan Safran Foer pigs out... and we discover King Tut's last hut.
This week: pop savant Chuck Klosterman is sharp as a tiger's whiskers... we lend an ear to the tale of a billionaire kidnapping... and Brendan celebrates Halloween by tasting the worst candy in the world.
This week: Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan pulls out his organ... We get a hangul on Korean literate-ture... and "Food, Inc" director Robert Kenner gives Rico an industrial food complex.
This week: Brendan sizes up humorist Andy Borowitz...we unearth a corny communist plot...and Rico gets tips on tipping.
This week: Billy Bragg makes "Ode" new again... an English Major fails the cough test... and Brendan talks to a cholesterocidal maniac.
This week: Filmmaker Gary Hustwit has designs on Honeybaked ham... Krakatoa bursts without pride... and Brendan breaks the two-second rule with a professional forager.
This week: British comedian Josie Long speaks positively...we supposedly meet the King of Albania...and Rico eats Peruvian and asks "Why fries with that?"
This week: Rich Fulcher, of the cult TV hit "The Mighty Boosh," raises the decibel level of UK comedy... We race back in time with Jesse Owens... and Brendan samples a drink fit for Olympians. Also: Rico tries and fails to replace Brendan with technology.