The Dinner Party Download

by Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam · · · · 49 subscribers

The Dinner Party Download is a fast and funny hour of culture, food and conversation -- the arts and leisure section of public radio -- with hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam. Previous guests include Steve Martin, Scarlett Johansson and Kevin Hart. Entertainment Weekly named The Dinner Party Download one of 20 Podcasts You Need to Hear in 2015. Twitter: @dinnerpartydnld.

This week: pop maestro Ed Harcourt tells Rico his recipes for lamb and schizophrenia... We learn about the aviator who took a wrong turn into the history books... and Brendan says "oui" to nonstaurants.
This week: Humorist Mishna Wolff talks about living in black and white... We sip a bloody mary that's clearly insane... And Rico learns about the gourmet coal standard.
This week: 80's metal band Anvil forges ahead... Muhammed Ali KO's the U.S. Army... and Brendan has designs on David Bowie. [photo: Anvil ]
This week: bestselling author Alain De Botton gets worked over... joy is found in Mudville... and Rico digs the new wave of on-site restaurant gardens.
This week: Norway's Datarock toot their own horn... we're knocked out by a drink served beaten, not stirred... and Brendan eats BBQ with a side of vinyl.
This week: Pushcart Prize-winning author Wells Tower gets auto erotic... we learn how to drink trees... and Rico finds out that starting a food magazine is child's play.
This week: Tony Award-winning rocker Stew ponders art vs. reality... we take a historic bike trip into an *alternate* reality... and Brendan sneaks into the most exclusive culinary shop in the world.
This week: Sundance-winning filmmaker Ondi Timoner lives in public radio... We taste the salt that shook the world... and Brendan goes hunting for Easter eggs and finds Grilled Cheese.
This week: Rico chats up Girls at SXSW... Marlon Brando gets an offer he can refuse... and Brendan is forced to rethink his jihad against cupcakes (Hint: it involves meatloaf).
This week: rocker Benjy Ferree's ode to Peter Pan... We discover the planet that dares not speak its name... and Rico sharpens his conversation skills with Brooklyn's new king of cutlery.
This week: "The Daily Show's" Larry Wilmore is pure magic... We learn why even grownups shouldn't play with guns... star mixologist Todd Thrasher mixes a drink fit for a vampire... and Rico pounds down a serious noodle with a funny name.
This week: Historian/Activist Howard Zinn recalls a different kind of flower power... We learn what happens when TV censors can't take a joke... and Brendan pigs out on lard pigs.
This week: award winning author Sarah Shun-lien Bynum uses her children to live out her own teen fantasies...We replicate a cocktail recipe... And Rico celebrates athletes by stuffing his face with dough and butter.
This week: legendary Motown songwriter Lamont Dozier gives candy to children... We chill out with a cryonic cocktail... And Brendan discovers the three most beautiful words in the English language: Korean, BBQ, Tacos.
This week: what do Lolita, duck testicles, Chevys, cows, Robert Wagner and booze have in common? This show in 2008, that's what. We take a look back at the first 12 episodes of the podcast that shocked a nation... and toss in a few new facts for the first dinner …
This week: Director David Fincher isn't afraid of the dark... We unite our nation with an All-American cocktail... Brendan is granted an audience with the king of mozzarella... plus a joke from THE Tom Jones.
This week: Cartoonist David Heatley literally tells all... we inhale a glassful of London's killer fog... and star pastry chef Adrian Vasquez makes a peanut butter sandwich that'll make your brain hurt.
This week: Kevin Barnes of the band Of Montreal defines "sexualien"... Thomas Edison lights up a martini glass... and Rico gets permission to eat endangered birds.
This week: we seek direct engagement with Aaron Aites of the band Iran... We learn the greatest name in football... Pittsburgh gets drunk on black gold... and Obama supporters dream of home-grown on the White House lawn.
This week: Hollywood icon Robert Wagner feels at home on the range... How to mix a cocktail from hell... Orson Welles declares "War" on the radio... and Brendan declares war on cupcakes.