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Talking about the BSD family of free operating systems.

What are your favorite BSD web sites? A story about shopping for BSD. Another interview with Sysadmin James Cornell. We talk about BSD, OpenSolaris, and Linux on the desktop. File Info: 20Min, 9MB. Ogg Link:
Intro: Some musings on the consistency and simplicity of BSD. A brief interview with Adam Wright from No Starch Press, recorded by Micheal Dexter on behalf of BSDTalk. They talk about recent and future BSD books. File Info: 8Min, 4MB. Ogg Link: https://ar
bsdtalk144 - Dan Langille Sept. 13, 2015
Interview with Dan Langille. We talk about his new job with Afilias, and BSDCan 2008. File info: 22Min, 10MB. Ogg Link:
Interview with Deborah Norling. We talk about her use of BSD on old hardware, accessibility on the BSDs, and Simh ( File info: 23Min, 10MB. Ogg link: Note: The first set
Interview with FreeBSD Lead Release Engineer Ken Smith. File Info: 16Min, 7MB. Ogg Link:
Interview with PC-BSD founder Kris Moore about the new features in PBI 4. File Info: 10Min, 5MB. Ogg Link:
Interview with Kristaps Dzonsons. We talk about the Mult project, which is "an on-going research project to create a high-performance instance multiplicity system." You can find more information at He also gives a quick update on Sysj
bsdtalk139 - Dru Lavigne Sept. 13, 2015
Interview with Dru Lavigne. We talk about her new book "The Best of FreeBSD Basics" and also get an update on some other projects including BSD Certification. See the following links for more information:
News: DesktopBSD 1.6 and FreeBSD 6.3 released. Setting up a central syslog server. If you are concerned about the security of your logs, use a dedicated machine and lock it down.Keep clocks in sync.You may need to change log rotation schedule in /etc/news
Happy New Year. I had fun bringing some old Cobalt RaQ2 devices back to life with NetBSD 4.0. Interview with Marten Vijn about File Info: 13Min, 6MB Ogg Link:
Can you believe that it has been two years? A lot has happened in the land of BSD since December 2005. Thank you for listening and for your support. An interview with Peter N. M. Hansteen, recorded by Michael Dexter on behalf of BSDTalk. If you would like
I'm sorry that I disappeared for a while. I have a new job, and it has taken me a while to come up for air. I hope to get back on track soon. Michael Dexter sent me an interview he recorded on behalf of BSDTalk with Joerg Sonnenberger at EuroBSDCon …
A quick update on AsiaBSDCon 2008 with Hiroki Sato and George Neville-Neil. More information at File Info: 10 Min, 5MB. Ogg Link:
A short update on OpenCon 2007 with Marc Balmer. More information at File Info: 7Min, 3MB Ogg Link:
Interview with Richard Stallman. He requested that the interview only be distributed in a free format, so the mp3 file is just a quick message. Please download the ogg version for the full interview. File Info: 28Min, 16MB. Ogg Link:
Interview with Anders "Ragge" Magnusson. We talk about his work on the Portable C Compiler. More information can be found at File Info: 15Min, 7MB. Ogg Link:
News: PC-BSD 1.4 Released. Michael Dexter sent me an interview he recorded on behalf of BSDTalk with Marko Zec at EuroBSDCon 2007. More information on the project at File Info: 16Min, 8MB. Ogg Link:
Interview with Dru Lavigne. We talk about the progress of and also her new position with the Open Source Business Resource at File info: 20Min, 10MB. Ogg Link:
News: EuroBSDCon starts this week in Copenhagen, Denmark. I wish I could be there.OpenBSD 4.2 is available for pre-order. Interview with Michael Dexter. We talk about the new sysjail and the recent system call wrapper issues. File Info: 22Min, 10MB. Ogg L
Why I like the CLI: Uses minimal resources. Less space, less memory, fewer dependencies.Transparency. GUI hides internals, limits options.Similar between Unix-like systems. GUI tools seem to change every week.Remote management. SSH rocks.Everything is tex