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Talking about the BSD family of free operating systems.

News: I was interviewed on the LinuxReality podcast. Interview with MidnightBSD founder Lucas Holt. File Info: 15Min, 7MB. Ogg Link:
News: The NetBSD Foundation would like to announce its 2007 fundraising campaign. See for more details. Interview with DragonflyBSD's Matthew Dillon. We talk about the 1.10 release and the design of a new filesystem. File
Interview with PC-BSD Founder Kris Moore. We talk about the upcoming 1.4 release. File Info: 12Min, 6MB. Ogg Link:
News: created to support OpenBSD and related projects. Interview with William "whurley" Hurley, Chief Architect of Open Source Strategy at BMC Software, Inc. We talk about the BMC Developer Network. File Info: 28Min, 14MB
Interview with M. Warner Losh about embedding FreeBSD. File Info: 16Min, 8MB. Ogg Link:
Interview with George Neville-Neil about Fast IPSec. File Info: 14Min, 7MB. Ogg Link:
News: There has been a call for papers for the first Turkish conference on BSD systems. More info about BSDConTR07 can be found at Interview with BSD Hacker Isaac "Ike" Levy. To hear more of Ike and other NYCBUG audio, visit http
I ramble on about how I have been experimenting with IPv6. For more details, see File Info: 15Min, 8MB. Ogg Link:
News: I'm sorry the podcast was unavailable for a few days due to a server upgrade problem. Congratulations to SDF for 20 great years of public Unix access. Congratulations to NetBSD on a great new web site. Interview with Sidsel Jensen from www.eurobsdco
Important when you don't trust the computer you are using, such as a library computer or internet kiosk.Available by default in Free/Net/Open BSD.FreeBSD uses OPIE, Net/Open use S/Key.One time passwords are based on your pass phrase, a non-repeating seque
I was interviewed recently at Interview with Rick Macklem about his work with NFSv4. More information at File info: 13Min, 6MB. Ogg Link (fixed):
Interview with KAME project core researcher Jun-ichiro "itojun" Itoh Hagino. Transcript: File Info: 10:45, 5MB. Ogg Link:
An interview with a few of the FreeBSD Core Team members: Brooks Davis, Warner Losh, George V. Neville-Neil, Hiroki Sato, and Robert Watson. The interview was recorded at BSDCan in Ottawa, Cananda. File Info: 35Min, 16MB. Ogg Link:
Interview with Joseph Kong, Author of "Designing BSD Rootkits: An Introduction to Kernel Hacking" from No Starch Press. The interview was recorded at BSDCan in Ottawa. File Info: 15Min, 8MB. Ogg Link:
Interview at BSDCan with Qing Li and Tatuya Jinmei. We talk about the books that they authored with Keiichi Shima: "IPv6 Core Protocols Implementation" and "IPv6 Advanced Protocols Implementation." The books are available at or on the publisher
News: OpenBSD 4.1 released. Registration is now open for the BSDA beta exam. Interview with FreeBSD developer Diane Bruce. We talk about Ham Radio on BSD. Slides from one of her talks: File Info: 10Min, 5MB. Ogg
Interview with Josh Berkus, Postgresql Lead at Sun Microsystems. We talk about the upcoming PGCon on 23-24 May 2007. More info at File Info: 19Min, 9MB. Ogg Link:
News:iXsystems announced an agreement with Adobe Systems that will allow the next version of PC-BSD to have a Flash-enabled browser available on a default installation. George Neville-Neil and Using VMs for Development. See
Interview with Matt Juszczak from File Info: 4MB, 8Min. Ogg Link:
Interview with Contiki OS Developer Adam Dunkels. You can find more information at File Info: 27Min, 13MB. Ogg Link: