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Talking about the BSD family of free operating systems.

Interview with Matthieu Herrb about Xenocara. File info: 7MB, 14 Min. Ogg Link: Transcript:
Introduction to PF with Jason Dixon. File info: 25Min, 12MB. Ogg Link:
Getting to know the X Window System. Make sure you are in a text only mode. You might need to change how the system boots, or boot into single user mode. "startx" to make sure X is working right."X" by itself gives the basic grey screen."ctrl" and "alt" a
News: Registration now open for BSDCan 2007. Anyone interesting in a road trip? Also, pre-orders for OpenBSD 4.1 are available. Interview with Robert Ricci from File Info: 16Min, 8MB. Ogg Link: \
Interview with Cisco Distinguished Engineer Randall Stewart. We talk about the Stream Control Transmission Protocol and his work bringing it to FreeBSD. File Info: 35Min, 17MB Ogg Link:
Interview with FreeBSD developer George Neville-Neil. We talk about the packet construction set and the packet debugger. File Info: 19Min, 10MB. Ogg Link:
News: I was interviewed on episode 179 of the Linux Link Tech Show last night. Interview with NetBSD Developer Lubomir Sedlacik. We talk about pkgsrcCon 2007. File Info: 13Min, 7MB. Ogg Link:
Interview with AsiaBSDCon 2007 Program Committee Chair George Neville-Neil. File Info: 14Min, 7MB. Ogg Link:
Interview with DragonFlyBSD developer Matthew Dillon. We talk about the 1.8 release. File info: 24Min, 12MB. Ogg Link:
News: DragonflyBSD 1.8 has been released. Interview with OpenBSD Developer Pierre-Yves Ritschard. We talk about hoststated. File info: 16Min, 8MB. Ogg Link:
Interview with Artist and Musician Ty Semaka. You can find his work at, and also on the OpenBSD CDs, posters, and shirts. File Info: 6MB, 12Min. Ogg Link:
Interview with OpenBSD Developer Claudio Jeker. File Info: 7MB, 15Min. Ogg link:
Reminder: Proposals for BSDCan 2007 are due Fri, Jan 19. Also, if you are going to BSDCan, consider sticking around for PGCon. Interview with BSD Consultant Jeremy C. Reed from File info: 8MB, 16Min.
News: FreeBSD 6.2 released, FreeSBIE Live CD 2.0 released. Interview with EMC Lab Administrator Glen R. J. Neff. File info: 15MB, 30Min. Ogg Link:
Interview with Adam Glen, one of the hosts of the Run Your Own Server Podcast. File info: 6MB, 12Min. Ogg Link:
Interview with Phil Pereira from File info: 9MB, 18Min. Ogg Link:
New year, suggestions for a new opening song? News: PC-BSD 1.3 released. Get it at Interview with Sys Admin Mike Erdely. You can find more information on his use of binpatch at File info: 8MB, 17Min. Og
Interview with NetBSD Release Engineer Jeff Rizzo. We talk about the upcoming 4.0 release. File info: 7MB, 15Min. Ogg Link:
News: 2007 call for papers. A short ramble about the first year of bsdtalk. File info: 4MB, 8Min. Ogg Link:
Interview with FreeBSD developer Joseph Koshy about libELF. You can find more information about libELF at File Info: 5MB, 9Min. Ogg Link: