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Technological and digital news from around the world.

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Algorithm apocalypse Aug. 18, 2020
Analysing the UK government’s flawed formula used to predict children’s exam grades
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Tracking the trolls July 28, 2020
Machine learning can now spot online trolls, and help defend voters in future elections.
From fear to anger and hope, millions of tweets reveal changing views on the pandemic
The internet shutdown in Ethiopia is entering its 3rd week.
A special programme on Web Science and why it matters
Exploring digital death June 30, 2020
Digital death; how COVID-19 has forced us to update death rituals, moving grieving online
Nigerian land rights costs fall by 96% in one state reducing internet costs significantly
Facial recognition – what’s the future for the technology?
Algorithm activism is becoming increasingly popular, we find out how it’s being done.
The digital divide in Brazil leaves its poorest citizens without access to health advice.
Internet enabled cars could be vulnerable to hackers taking full control
Testing EdTech May 19, 2020
EdTech is transforming learning across the globe. How do you choose which tools to use?