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Why did Ukraine give up its nuclear weapons in 1994 and how did it shape the world today?
The memories of those who have lost friends, family and colleagues in the war
Evacuated to Russia June 9, 2022
Has Russia rescued a million Ukrainian refugees? Or deported them in another war crime?
People around the world who are reaching further and seeking a different path in life
Inside the Kim regime June 7, 2022
Have you ever wondered what life is like at the very top of the North Korean regime?
Katty Kay meets award-winning writer and magazine editor Tina Brown
How fuel shortages and prices are affecting people in Lebanon, the UK and Sri Lanka
British academics accused of sharing Russian disinformation about the war in Ukraine
Alan Dein talks Shugofa, an Afghan refugee in Rome, Leo in Moldova, nurse Maureen
Guarding the art May 31, 2022
Meet the security staff at the Baltimore Museum of Art who are curating their own show
We hear how the cost of living crisis is affecting people's lives around the world
The Royal diplomat May 27, 2022
Emma Barnett tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II's unique global diplomacy
Are tougher sentences for rapists in Senegal deterring sexual violence against women?
Alan Dein talks to anyone, anywhere about their lives and their world
What affect does having a relative facing execution have on families of the condemned?
Philosopher Peter Singer on how to live a moral life
The advertising trap May 21, 2022
Digital advertising has taken over the world. But is it all based on smoke and mirrors?
The Buffalo shooting May 21, 2022
Residents and hosts on US black-owned radio stations reflect on a mass shooting
Can music and culture help unite Estonia?
Alan Dein talks to Anna, Verena and Roman and hears how their lives have been blown away