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It can be hard to choose how to spend our precious time in later life. How do we decide?
Turkey's crazy project Jan. 6, 2022
The ambitious new canal project that's dividing opinion in Istanbul
Wafa Mustafa has been searching for her dad since he went missing in Syria in July 2013
Young people working to diversify science, technology, engineering and maths
Young people trying to change attitudes and save lives
Can a new generation of activists solve the problem of hunger for good?
Babita Sharma meets young people from around the world working to fight climate change
Lyse Doucet hears about the hopes of a younger generation of Afghans
How will we wean ourselves off fossil fuels?
Three experts who have been tracking the spread and the impact of Covid-19
The pandemic has changed many of the ways we connect socially with others
The hidden pandemic in Peru; the thousands of children who have lost a parent to Covid-19
Archbishop Desmond Tutu Dec. 26, 2021
Reflecting on the life of the Nobel Peace Prize winner and anti-apartheid campaigner
Lyse Doucet speaks to two key players who have shaped Afghanistan's recent history
Our modern comfortable way of life and how it was made possible by fossil fuels
MTV@40 Dec. 25, 2021
The birth of a ground-breaking concept - MTV, 24-hour music TV
Quentin Sommerville on the rise, fall and potential re-emergence of IS
Vaccines, vaccine hesitancy, Delta, Omicron. What’s it like reporting on the pandemic?
How do you find inner happiness when life in your home country has become very hard?
The fortunes of teenage football players settling into new lives in the UK and Europe