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The high stakes cat and mouse game between police and darknet drug dealers.
Am I in a Cult? Nov. 23, 2021
How do you know if you’ve been recruited by a cult? Rachel Stonehouse investigates.
Melanie Abbott reveals that thousands of police officers do not have adequate vetting.
Furlough Fraud Nov. 9, 2021
The fight against furlough fraud.
The women who commit crimes after years of controlling and abusive behaviour by partners.
For Richer, For Poorer Oct. 26, 2021
The elderly people targeted for marriage and exploited for financial gain.
How money made from the 'world's biggest bribery scandal' ended up in UK property.
Bus driver deaths during the Covid pandemic.
Mental Health Profiteers Sept. 21, 2021
Mental health profiteers: The dark world of online anxiety ‘cures’.
The rise and fall of Hushpuppi – the social media influencer and global money- launderer.
Who's tackling online abuse in football?
Held to Ransom July 13, 2021
The UK schools caught in a multi-million pound cyber extortion attack by Russian hackers.
Acts of Abuse July 6, 2021
Bullying and sexual abuse and harassment in the film and television industry.
A Death Sentence? June 29, 2021
A death sentence? The inmates dying after poor healthcare in prison.
Contracts of Interest June 22, 2021
Have some companies had preferential treatment for lucrative government contracts?
Above the law? June 15, 2021
Are police forces letting down victims of crime when those accused are their own officers?
The Cost of Care June 8, 2021
An investigation into rising care costs and how the most vulnerable are paying the price
Leaseholder Losses June 1, 2021
Leaseholders say they need more protection. Is the current system letting them down?
Peer on peer sexual harassment and abuse in Britain’s schools and colleges.
The Cost of Long Covid May 18, 2021
Long Covid - what happens when the sick pay runs out?