File on 4

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Award-winning current affairs documentary series investigating major issues at home and abroad

Why thousands of foreign directors head up UK firms they actually have little to do with.
Are asylum seekers being mistreated by UK companies paid billions to house them?
Investigating China’s new strategy of spreading disinformation around the world.
File on 4 lifts the lid on the dangerous and polluting world of international shipbreaking
Livvy Haydock investigates dating apps and if the pandemic has made them more dangerous.
Surviving Self-Harm Feb. 16, 2021
One teenager's experience of hurting herself and a system struggling with rising demand.
What did the government get for the £12.5 billion it spent on PPE for NHS staff?
Stories from the frontline in the fight against Covid-19.
A Year of Covid Jan. 26, 2021
Jane Deith talks to the medics who fought the first wave of Covid-19 in England's ICUs.
Women Who Abuse Jan. 19, 2021
The hidden victims of female child sexual abuse, fighting for justice - and closure.
Undue Influence Jan. 12, 2021
The relationship between social media influencers and clinics promoting cosmetic surgery.
Transforming Care? Nov. 10, 2020
Are promises to improve care for people with learning disabilities and autism being kept?
How a 999 call from a Manchester flat led to the discovery of over 200 male rape victims.
Locked Up in Lockdown Oct. 27, 2020
Are court backlogs creating miscarriages of justice? Helen Grady investigates.
Taxing Situations Oct. 20, 2020
COVID workers targeted with tax avoidance schemes that HMRC warns against signing up to.
All Sewn Up Oct. 13, 2020
An investigation into VAT fraud within Leicester's garment manufacturing industry.
Me and my Trolls Oct. 6, 2020
Journalist Sali Hughes goes on a personal journey to discover what motivates online trolls
Fit for football Sept. 29, 2020
MPs and supporters call for an overhaul of the way English football is governed
Has the reduction of services for new mums and their babies caused long-term damage?
Are people with severe mental illnesses being failed when they need help most?