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Award-winning current affairs documentary series investigating major issues at home and abroad

How are young, British-based Somalis lured into fighting for the al-Qaeda- linked Jihadist group, al-Shabaab? Jenny Cuffe investigates....
The Somali Connection Nov. 2, 2010
How British Somalis are recruited to fight for the banned Islamist group, al- Shabaab.
While the government axes spending to try to balance the books, Michael Robinson reveals how some firms are slashing their UK tax bills....
A Taxing Dilemma Oct. 26, 2010
Michael Robinson reveals loopholes which let big businesses slash their UK tax bills.
The NHS is meant to be shielded from the cuts that threaten huge areas of public spending. But even elite foundation hospitals are already in the red. Julian O'Halloran reports....
Why should we want more foundation hospitals when so many are in financial trouble?
Corporate undertakers. Allan Urry investigates whether insolvency practitioners measure up to the high standards expected of them when they are called in to a stricken business?...
Allan Urry investigates concerns about the role of insolvency practitioners.
$27 billion has been spent on training the Afghan police and army, to allow British and other troops to eventually withdraw. But are they ready to take control of their country?...
Can Afghan forces guarantee the country's security when British and other troops pull out?
Fran Abrams investigates whether mentally incapacitated people are being short changed by the system that is supposed to safeguard the finances of some of societies most vulnerable peopel.
Gerry Northam asks if the BP oil spill was a tragedy America should have been better prepared for.
Allan Urry asks how effectively the UK Government is tackling shadowy arms dealers who are using British company registration to help them ship weapons to banned countries.
Jon Manel hears about the illegal workers living in London and uncovers a world of bogus identities, faked documents and workers who are even paying tax and National Insurance.
Morland Sanders investigates claims that British banks, especially those bailed out by taxpayers, have a poor record in offering finance to businesses.
Jenny Cuffe investigates allegations that foreign workers being trafficked to work in the UK in domestic servitude are suffering exploitation and abuse. Adn she hears claims that some foreign embassies have harboured some of the worst culprits.
Julian O'Halloran asks is there a looming epidemic of mental health problems, including post traumatic stress disorder in UK forces serving in Afghanistan and Iraq?
Gerry Northam asks if there really is a looming crisis in public sector pensions?
Ann Alexander asks whether enough is done to investigate the death rate among new born babies.
Allan Urry investigates concerns that the punishment is not fitting the crime when it comes to UK firms guilty of corruption abroad.