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The amazing Dr Darwin Jan. 23, 2020
The life of Erasmus Darwin, one of the most remarkable minds in 18th Century Britain
A history of honey Jan. 16, 2020
Uncovering the rich cultural and medical history of the world's oldest sweet
Exploring the background to the music which has absorbed so many cultural influences
Regenerating Yiddish – the language and culture of the European Jews
From dining in Song-dynasty China to the modern open kitchen
How the wife of US President Franklin Roosevelt became a powerful political operator
The life and work of a pioneering social scientist and historiographer
The swashbuckling poet of a late 19th-century French play and his real-life inspiration
The nomadic warriors who ruled vast swathes of Asia and Europe and who knew how to party
How the events of the Russian civil war led to Lenin’s communist dictatorship
The polar adventures of a remarkable man whose humanitarian work saved thousands of lives
Exploring the life of a man who pushed the boundaries of ballet.
How the co-inventor of cornflakes inspired a healthy living revolution
Indigo: the bluest blue Oct. 24, 2019
Blue Gold or Devil's Dye? The complex history of the precious blue dye
Domesticated cats have been worshipped, vilified and revered throughout history
The Ecuadorian woman who fought for South American independence in the 19th Century
The Morse code messaging network that changed the world forever
The history of opium Sept. 26, 2019
Opium’s journey from vital medicine to dangerously addictive drug
The Stranger and other key works of Algeria’s great humanist Albert Camus
Exploring the silent and secretive world of underwater vessels