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Dropbox, DEVONthink, Yoink, and more!
Twitter whistleblower, LastPass hack, Ethereum merge, Artemis 1, Zuck meets Rogan
The Tech Guy 1922 Aug. 28, 2022
Linux on Mac, Blue Screen of Death, Smart Albums
The Tech Guy 1921 Aug. 28, 2022
Windows 11 ads, Home Media Server Setup, iTunes Troubleshooting
Okta hack, Raspberry Pi router, low-code/no-code with OutSystems
Understanding How To Photograph People of Color
The Tech Guy 1895 May 22, 2022
Zelle payments, troubleshooting CarPlay, WiFi for outdoor lighting
Ransomware vs. Costa Rican government, Kubernetes API servers exposed to public internet, managing income volatility with Gig Wage
A Conversation with Tripp Mickle
Black Tech's "Pipeline Problem", GrubHub Promo, Fentanyl Online
Twitter doubles down, big tech fights Texas HB 30, Google's new Bay View HQ
One Outlook, Microsoft's VPN, Windows 11 Broad Deployment
James Walker, and UCAN
Pixel 7, Pixel Tablet, Compose for Wear OS, Google Wallet, Predictive Back Gesture
Eventful Patch Tuesday, Open Source Maintenance Crew, BIG-IP Boxes
D&D; Beyond, Encounter+, Dice by PCalc
iOS 15.5, Accessibility, USB-C iPhones?
Texas HB 20, Crypto crash, Google IO, Goodbye iPod, Netflix ads
The Tech Guy 1894 May 15, 2022
WiFi Auto Connect, Google One, 3G Connected Cars