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Android 13 Beta 1, Upside Down Cake, Pixel Watch AMA, Google Wallet
Lenovo EUFI Firmware, Everscale Blockchain Wallet, Major Java Update
600+ Shortcuts Library, Shortcuts on Mac, Automation Tips
Studio Display Fix, Apple Union Fight, macOS Server
Netflix declines, CNN+ folds, Pixel Watch rumors, Moonbirds NFT, salty chopsticks
The Tech Guy 1888 April 25, 2022
Mobile Hotspot for an RV, Twitch streaming with a DAW, old printers on Linux
The Tech Guy 1887 April 23, 2022
Replacing a Mac Battery, Streaming Prices, Accessing a Hacked Facebook
Lenovo vulnerability, IoT company vanishes, multi-cloud with Dell APEX
Emotion AI, Netflix, CNN+ Closure, BeReal
The Intimacy of Street Photography
Netflix slows down, Libs of TikTok, Insteon fizzles, future of Twitter
Melody Meckfessel, Observable
Checking in on Windows 11, Microsoft Purview, Build 2022
Passkeys, Pixel 6a at the FCC, Pixel Watch getting real, hyperlocal weather
Another Chrome 0-day, MS Patch-Fest, US Nuclear Systems Unhackable?
Home+ 5, HomePass, SensorKit, HomeBridge
Shot on iPhone Winners, Environmental Progress, M2 Chips
Elon Musk, Bill Gates' Metaverse, Zuckerberg security detail
The Tech Guy 1886 April 17, 2022
Toyota bZ4X, Roku HDCP Error, Space Launch System
The Tech Guy 1885 April 17, 2022
Replacing an old desktop computer, removing troll reviews from Google My Business, extending a mobile hotspot's range