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Sergei Lavrov's warning came in an address to an international conference
But the court ruled this information did not have to be shared with Congress
Disruptions caused by the pandemic may lead to malnutrition in the poorest countries
Despite surges in new infections, the White House wants to reopen schools
Beijing opens office to enforce stringent new national security laws in the territory
The president has repeatedly belittled the risks posed by the virus
Five million people of Australia’s second largest city told to stay at home for six weeks
A third of those taking anti-retroviral drugs could experience shortages due to Covid-19
Tensions over the future of Hong Kong sour relations
India becomes the third worst affected nation in the world, after the US and Brazil
President claims the US is on course to overcome Covid-19, despite soaring infections
Dr Mike Ryan said it was unwise to make predictions
Twenty Saudi nationals on trial in Turkey over murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi
She has been remanded in custody
A wave of mud and rock was triggered by heavy rain in Kachin state
Critics claim Vladimir Putin is trying to become "president for life"
Police seize dozens of demonstrators under new law imposed by Beijing
The surge is occurring particularly strongly in southern and western states
Chinese president, Xi Jinping, signs security law providing new powers over Hong Kong.
More than 10m cases have been recorded worldwide