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Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz spoke to Vladimir Putin for 80 minutes
Pupils made multiple calls begging for police to come
President Zelensky accuses Moscow of trying to turn eastern Ukraine to ashes
Russia is also accused of stepping up its mass looting of Ukrainian grain
Olaf Scholz responds to critics who say he's been too slow to respond
Killer of 19 children and two teachers wrote on social media that he'd carry out attack
A teenage gunman killed nineteen children and two teachers
14 of the dead were pupils - aged between 7 and 10 years
Thousands of police files show harsh treatment of minorities in Xinjiang
The Geneva-based envoy, Boris Bondarev, condemned the attack on Ukraine
Russian tank commander jailed for life for killing a civilian
A plane carrying 35,000 kilos of infant formula to ease critical shortage has landed
Anthony Albanese becomes first Labor premier in a decade
For months, Ukrainian fighters were holed up in the huge complex
President Zelensky says the situation there is "hell"
Moscow has blocked ports in the Black Sea
Conflict and climate change are driving the numbers up globally
More than half a million people are currently living in famine conditions
Report says four key indicators hit record levels in 2021
International efforts are growing to investigate suspected war crimes in Ukraine