Pop-Up Submissions LIVE with Publisher Kesia Lupo Aug. 3, 2020

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Writing a book? Let literary agent Peter Cox and his friends from the publishing industry - and from Litopia Writers’ Colony - review your submission live! Make a Pop-Up Submission here: https://litopia.com/subs/ Featured on this edition of Pop-Up Submissions… * "The Dark Cry of Aristid" - epic fantasy from William Brian Johnson; * "Disintegrating Angels" - thriller from Hunter Liguore; * "Matida and the fall of Ophir" - fiction from Martha Tawapei; * "Son of Anger" - historical fiction from Donovan Cook; * "Fat Boy" - dark comedy from Joseph Cobb. Subscribe to Litopia's channel on YouTube and join us …

Five submissions - three judges - and one genius chat room!