Pop-Up Submissions LIVE | Writing Tips Sept. 7, 2020

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Featured on today's Pop-Up Submissions... * Doomsday Resolved - legal thriller from Kent Bishop * One Who Protects - action adventure from Matt Prewitt Wagener * Off The Rails - crime from Kymberley McEnhill * London Learners - travel/memoir from Roy Schreiber * Oneiropolis - psychological from Ryan Davies Peter Cox's special guests today are Louisa Reid and Mo O'Hara! Watch this show on YouTube https://youtu.be/AIuaoal5bEk Louisa Reid's book recommendation is Night. Sleep. Death. The Stars by Joyce Carol Oates. Buy it here: https://amzn.to/3bv8R78 Mo O'Hara's book recommendation is "This Rock, That Rock" by Dom Conlan & Viviane Schwarz. Buy …

Five submissions - three judges - and one genius chat room!