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May we have your attention, please! The MacJury has gone video, and has been integrated in with MacVoices, along with MacNotables, to create a master channel of MacVoices Group content. Both the audio and video versions of the show are posted there now. New editions will only be posted to MacVoices, though this site will […] The post The MacJury is now on MacVoices! appeared first on MacJury » Podcast Feed.


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Deep in the middle of the holiday gift season, ideas for cool and unique gifts can become sparse. No need to resort to socks or sweaters, though. The third edition of our MacJury gift panels have added to the list of great products and services you[...]
The second of our MacJury holiday gift panels convened just in time for the big shopping weekend, and deliver some…unique…picks. You’ll be both entertained and informed as the picks fly back and forth between Nancy Gravley, Michae[...]
Need some exciting, new and different gift ideas this holiday season? The MacJury is on the case with a list of gifts that runs the gamut from expensive to affordable, practical to extravagant, and all points in between. The first of our holiday gi[...]
Even though the new iPad mini with Retina didn’t enjoy a launch event or even a pre-launch announcement, some members of the MacJury were on the case, and got to spend the weekend with the newest iPad. Why they picked the iPad mini over the iPad Ai[...]
Is the new MacBook Pro with Retina display really worth the money? That’s the latest question taken up by The MacJury, all who have opted to go pro with their laptops. Which configurations selected and why, some diverse experiences in migrating to t[...]
After spending a weekend with Apple’s new iPad Air, The MacJury convened to discuss their experiences. Buying, configuration choices, initial impressions of speed, camera improvements, size, charging and more are covered by the panel of Jeff C[...]
As the dust cleared from Apple’s October 22 event featuring the iPad Air, updates to the MacBook Pro and more, The MacJury convened to look at some of the larger issues surrounding those announcements. The effects of a fee-free Mavericks on ad[...]
After a weekend when Apple sold 9 million iPhones, The MacJury convened to discuss their own experiences with the top-of-the-line, the iPhone 5s. Topics of discussion include the security the fingerprint scanner offers, the enhanced camera with slo[...]
After a long, hard day of journalistic effort, we corralled part of the TidBITS brain trust to analyze Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. The topics ranged from the art-deco colors of the 5c to the A7 chip that powers the 5s.[...]
The MacJury starts out examining the debate between open and closed, and end up discussing the television programming options of the future. Along the way, a healthy debate between the benefits and costs of iOS vs. Android, whether there really is [...]
A few months ago, we looked at what we want, need and expect to see for iOS at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference. This time, we take a look at what our panel wants, needs and expects to see for the Mac OS. Whether the Mac OS is mature [...]
With WWDC just around the corner, The MacJury gets geeky in some places as it takes a look at the needs, wants and expectations for the next version of the iOS. Side loading of apps, sharing documents among apps and de-krufting iOS are part of the [...]
The MacJury starts with a unique, real-world example of iPhone accessibility before diving into the most recent tApple earnings call. Rather than just re- state what you’ve already heard, however, the jurors examine Apple’s supply chain a[...]
The most recent MacJury debated the utilities of the Mailbox app mailbox and discussed the usefulness and longevity of RSS, especially as it relates to the soon-to-be gone Google Reader. Online identities, SEO and Kevin Lynch’s move from Adobe[...]
The MacJury recently convened to discuss the recent changes and updates to the software delivery and licensing models of Microsoft for Office and Adobe for the Creative Suite components. The benefits and challenges of software as a service in genera[...]
The MacVoices Briefing is the new show from MacVoices Group producer and host Chuck Joiner. In the first episode, Chuck introduces the new show, why it came to be, and what viewers and subscribers can expect to see. Then, as a sample, Chuck demonstr[...]
It was so much fun the first time, we decided to do it again. A second MacJury panel takes on the question of holiday gifts and delivers yet another eclectic and intriguing set of picks that include both tech and non-tech options. It isn’t too[...]
With the holiday season in full swing, The MacJury takes a break from the serious topics to deliver a truly eclectic set of suggestions for those on your gift list. Whether a serious geek or with no tech interest at all, your gift-giving problems ar[...]
After spending a weekend using and experimenting with the iPad mini, members of The MacJury gathered to discuss the size, screen, and camera of Apple’s newest tablet. Is the iPad mini just another tablet, or does it represent the future of the[...]