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Social media, anti-social media, breaking news, faking news: this is the programme about a revolution in media.

The journalists who exposed Tim Westwood and wrongdoing in Westminster.
What could Elon Musk’s $44bn deal to buy Twitter mean for the future of the platform?
Piers Morgan Returns April 20, 2022
The journalist discusses his new TV show, 'cancel culture' and the limits of free speech.
As Macron and Le Pen go head to head, Le Monde launches an English edition.
The creator of This American Life and Serial on his life in radio and podcasting.
Local and international perspectives on the war.
Movie boss Scott Stuber on the Oscars, luring talent and the future of film.
The journalists investigating 'Londongrad'.
A News Cold War March 9, 2022
BBC plan to get news to Russians
Russia limits free media, while western journalists try to make sense of war on the ground
British Government versus Russian Media in the Ukraine crisis
The relationship between the press and those running the country.
Exposing the truth behind drone strikes and human rights abuses.
Joe Rogan's podcast drags the music streamer into a free speech debate.
Ahead of a major US trial, ITV News' Rohit Kachroo on interviewing British ISIS fighters.
"Operation Red Meat" Jan. 19, 2022
Boris Johnson's supposed fightback strategy and a new BBC licence fee deal.
Ben Smith aims to take on CNN, the New York Times and the BBC.
Journalists are criticised for "obsessing over" or "normalising" the events of 6 January.
'And now for something completely different on The Media Show.'
The scientists and journalists who have become characters within the Covid story.