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Social media, anti-social media, breaking news, faking news: this is the programme about a revolution in media.

The Channel 4 News presenter on politicians, impartiality and a flight with Idi Amin.
How The Mirror and ITV News uncovered the political story of the year.
Are trolls severing the ties between reader and reporter?
Changes at the Mail, and an interview in Belarus, show the power of the press.
Nadine Dorries Nov. 24, 2021
Culture secretary on arts and media in schools, cancel culture and the future of the BBC
From "door-stepping" to naming attackers, journalists question their practice
Broadcasters shift more shows out of London, as Amazon and Netflix move in.
Who's been listening? Nov. 4, 2021
Radio audiences have changed during the pandemic. Who are the winners and losers?
What is the Metaverse? Oct. 27, 2021
After a difficult week, Facebook invests in an alternative-reality future.
Should journalists dispense with objectivity and become activists to save the planet?
From Netflix investment to newspapers, how much media sway does Saudi Arabia now have?
How an investigation like the Pandora Papers aims for impact
Politicians and the press Sept. 29, 2021
As conference season continues, the media strategy of party leaders is dissected.
The MOTD presenter on his life in media.
Reporting Afghanistan Sept. 15, 2021
Has the Western media lost interest in Afghanistan at a pivotal moment?
Screenwriter Jack Thorne on why the industry must change.
Why news outlets are claiming to have a non-metropolitan outlook on reporting the UK.
Why are there so many reboots on TV?
Are we now living in the 'Creator Economy'?
Why are foreign journalists leaving China and Hong Kong?