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Social media, anti-social media, breaking news, faking news: this is the programme about a revolution in media.

Extended interview with the Minister for Media recorded at the Radio Academy Festival.
25 years on, allegations of "sheer dishonesty" behind Martin Bashir's historic interview
Daily Mirror editor Alison Phillips on her strategy for survival.
Facebook and Twitter accused of censorship over a tabloid story about Joe Biden's son.
The economics of outrage Oct. 14, 2020
Does journalism still report the facts or has it been hijacked by opinion?
Exclusive interview with the UK boss of Google's video sharing platform.
"Biden's hidden earpiece" is the latest theory to cross from the fringes to the mainstream
Ian Katz on keeping Channel 4's flagship show on-air.
The demographics of news Sept. 16, 2020
Exploring the diversity of the UK's newsrooms.
Extended interview with the UK boss of Spotify, the country's most popular music service.
Mark Thompson on transforming The New York Times and the future of media.
The outgoing BBC Director-General on the crises and successes of his time in charge.
Joe Tidy looks under the bonnet of TikTok, Apple and Facebook.
The BBC's Director of Creative Diversity on why change is needed.
Intrigue and drama at two of the world’s most talked about media companies.
Newsroom rebellions, 'cancel culture' and the question of free speech.
David vs Goliath July 22, 2020
The niche broadcasters taking on the mainstream.
With the industry in crisis, what can be done to save regional newspapers?
How news outlets inadvertently published propaganda from a network of fake journalists.
Times Radio launches and a reckoning for Twitch.