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Social media, anti-social media, breaking news, faking news: this is the programme about a revolution in media.

Rethinking advertising June 24, 2020
How the pandemic is changing the ad industry.
Opinions on opinion June 17, 2020
The role of opinion in journalism, from newspaper columnists to reader comments.
When protests cease and statues stop falling, will journalists still report racism?
The Guardian's Katharine Viner on resisting a paywall and fighting government obfuscation.
As CNN marks 40 years, an extended interview with one of its most celebrated journalists.
From documentaries to soap operas, how producers are making TV in a lockdown.
Stories that explain the pandemic through statistics, are some of the most shared online.
From Roblox to Call of Duty, the lockdown has meant record participation in gaming.
How feature writers get the famous to say things they wish they hadn’t
The Economist editor Zanny Minton Beddoes
How Ben Frow turned the broadcaster into RTS Channel of the Year.
How religious broadcasters connect with believers at home.
Simon Mayo, Iain Lee and Linda McDermott on why the DJs will save us.
The ingenuity to keep TV and news going - and how esports can fill the void of live sport
Return of the expert March 19, 2020
The media's new respect for scientists
Panic and the truth March 11, 2020
Are journalists reporting coronavirus responsibly?
How a family feud complicates the sale of The Daily Telegraph.
Why have some intellectual print publications defied the trend and increased sales?
Yorkshire Post editor James Mitchinson on fighting for journalism and the north of England
As Spotify makes another acquisition, how podcasts went mainstream.