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Social media, anti-social media, breaking news, faking news: this is the programme about a revolution in media.

From hit game shows to gangster drama, Steven Knight on his extraordinary career.
LBC is gaining listeners thanks to a strategy of employing highly opinionated presenters.
BBC Parliament is enjoying record ratings as the political drama unfolds.
How to cover chaos Sept. 4, 2019
As politics goes into meltdown, the journalists trying to make sense of it all.
What the rapid growth of virtual assistants in the home means for you.
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How can reality TV and radio take better care of participants?
How Eliot Higgins founded Bellingcat and reinvented investigative journalism
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As Boris Johnson swaps punditry for Downing Street, how much power do columnists have?
Contempt of court and leaking secrets.
Inside Wimbledon July 10, 2019
Behind the scenes at the world's biggest annual broadcast event
The BBC's Annual Report reveals that fewer young people are tuning in.
The lure of the obvious June 26, 2019
From Brexit to Trump, why do so many journalists keep getting it wrong?
Harmful stereotypes have been banned from ads, and ITV is banning all-male writing teams.
How the media is scrutinising the Conservative leadership rivals.
How The New York Times grew one of the world's most popular podcasts
Sky's Zai Bennett on how their HBO co-production has become a huge critical hit
A fake Nancy Pelosi video has fooled millions in the US and marks a new era of fake news
How a covert film leaked to journalists has brought down Austria's government.