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Research trials for Covid-19. Do vitamin D supplements prevent infection from SARS-COV-2?
Covid in 2021 and a blood test that claims to detect cancer early.
Saleyha Ahsan on how Bangor Hospital's Intensive Care Unit is preparing for winter.
20/10/2020 Oct. 20, 2020
What's the best way to boost oxygen levels in Covid-19 patients?
Covid-19 Test and Trace; Non-drug trials in a pandemic
Touch in Health Care Oct. 6, 2020
What role does touch play in health care?
Antibodies to Covid found in kids before the pandemic; Covid and colds, PIMS- TS.
Sticky Blood : From Blood Clots to Covid-19
Flu vaccine, dentistry and covid, diagnosing Coeliac disease and NHS winter preparations.
Dr Mark Porter on a bedside test for Covid-19 and long term recovery from the virus.
Evidence for GPs prescribing cycling; temperature checks; false positives; choirs & Covid.
Dr Margaret McCartney looks at the vital role of public health in the pandemic.
Covid-19 and ethnicity in medicine and medical devices safety review.
James Gallagher investigates the impact on cancer care of the pandemic
Millions are 'shielding' from the virus. Tanya on the reality of long-term lockdown.
Claudia Hammond on the longest stay COVID-19 case; Health Inequalities; Agoraphobia.
Acute Kidney Injury & Covid-19; passive immunisation; online GPs; face mask interactions.
Why do people with diabetes get so sick with Covid-19 and how can they protect themselves?
Claudia Hammond on smoking and Covid-19, lockdown loneliness surveys, and clinical law.
Southampton update, health anxiety, death certifications and fast-track drug screening.