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9:07 Raskin lays out essence of Trump impeachment case at hearing 9:12 As impeachment gears turn, focus becomes fight for public opinion 9:17 Impeachment report moves newspapers, triggers wave of editorials
9:10 Impeachment raises questions about secret stash of Trump records 9:21 Judge allows lawsuit seeking Trump-Putin call records 9:31 Indicted Giuliani associate paid $1M from Russian account: filing 9:39 Senators move to protect NATO from Trump's destructive whims
9:07 DOJ IG report debunks Flynn Hail Mary defense ahead of sentencing 9:17 Trump campaign was not spied on: DOJ IG; Barr reverts to deceit 9:43 Durham compromises credibility with public statement on IG report 9:50 Trump's own words lead collection of evidence in his impeachment
9:00 Republican impeachment defense a string of bad faith complaints 9:03 Gingrich's past exposes disingenuous Christmas impeachment gripe 9:20 House Intel wants Pence to declassify extra impeachment testimony 9:47 Report suggests possible intimidation of IRS whistleblower
9:22 Russian transgressions met with increasingly weak US response 9:27 Trump team still stoking Ukraine story despite US intel warning 9:37 Senate Intel report debunking Russian Ukraine story completed 9:54 Failures of torture program unexplained, Zubaydah still uncharged
9:00 Violence, threats have marked anti-abortion protest since day one 9:22 Doctors stand up to extremists to ensure abortion access 9:34 Abortion clinics face down myriad pressures to remain open 9:45 Abortion providers persevere despite bullying from extremists 9:57 Trump/McConnell Supreme Court poses new threat to Roe v. Wade
9:00 White House likely to sit out next phase of Trump impeachment 9:15 Evidence stirs doubt about Sondland claims about Trump phone call 9:26 Giuliani backpedals after reckless remarks threaten Trump graces 9:36 Trump aimed to split 26,000 immigrant kids from families: report 9:41 OMB ignored warnings of illegality to …
9:00 Despite evidence, Trump denies tasking Giuliani with Ukraine 9:04 Transcript shows OMB resignations over Trump hold on Ukraine aid 9:22 House committee cites 'pattern of abuse' at OMB over Ukraine aid 9:31 'Very damning' OMB documents comport with impeachment evidence 9:39 Giuliani-tied criminal cases shadow Trump impeachment inquiry 9:46 …
9:00 Navy secretary resigns rather than obey Trump on war criminal 9:03 'Presidents are not kings': judge says Trump can't block subpoena 9:14 Subpoenas show prosecutors probing Giuliani in variety of crimes 9:18 Trump friend Pecker talking with porn star pay-off probe: CNN 9:26 Mueller investigation did not follow the …
9:00 Warning about fictitious Ukraine theory heard by US newspapers 9:04 US intel warns of Russian disinformation: NYT; some GOP heedless 9:31 US intel briefed senators that Ukraine theory is Russian op: NYT 9:40 State Department facing deadline to release Yovanovitch documents 9:47 Trump impeachment to move ahead even as …
9:00 Sondland bombshell impeachment testimony captures US front pages 9:05 Impeachment witness rips 'domestic political errand' for Trump 9:14 Trump role in Ukraine scheme uncontested after hearings 9:25 Russian propaganda seen fusing with Republican Ukraine narrative 9:43 As public hearings wind down, impeachment committees draft report 9:52 Trump impeachment moving …
Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, and Tom Steyer engage in the fifth 2020 Democratic primary debate for the presidential nomination.
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