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Plus, Judges not buying DOJ rule barring indictment of a president
Plus, Flynn play for Trump sympathy not well suited to fact-based court
NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker recaps a momentous week in the impeachment inquiry, from the evidence gathered to a House vote on next steps.
Plus, Schiff: Expect impeachment inquiry transcripts release next week
Plus, Ronan Farrow recounts struggles at NBC News over Weinstein reporting
Trump, Barr push specious theory against backdrop of impeachment
Trump lawyers argue his crimes can't be investigated, prosecuted
Plus, Chicago prosecutors reveal new thread in case of Giuliani associates
Plus, State Dept witnesses make case clear in Trump impeachment inquiry
Plus, Oligarch used Giuliani as means to gain Trump's favor: reports
Plus, Maddow: Elijah Cummings 'genuinely, humblingly inspiring'
Plus, Trump Ukraine scandal spawns counterintelligence investigation
Plus, Trump abandons U.S. counterterror partners to Turkish aggression
Plus, Trump appears to throw Pence under the bus in legal filing
Under scrutiny for corruption, Trump blurs meaning of 'corruption'
Joyce Vance was a line federal prosecutor in Birmingham, Alabama for many years.
Rice: Trump proposing to sell out U.S. on China for personal gain
Plus, McFaul: Why did no one say 'Mr. President, this is wrong'?
Clinton to Trump officials ensnared impeachment: Tell the truth.
State Dept. IG surprises with odd, abrupt call to meet Congress