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Telling the Story June 1, 2015

In “Telling the Story,” Amy Davidson asks why the Washington Post’s Jason Rezaian has been in a Tehran prison for nearly a year, without being publicly charged.


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Art and Money May 26, 2015
In “Art and Money,” Adam Gopnik asks: In today’s sky-high auction market, should artists be paid royalties?
Saudi Shakeup May 18, 2015
In “[Saudi Shakeup]( shakeup),” Steve Coll writes that the kingdom has new leadership—and a new challenge in President Obama’s nuclear negotiations with Iran.
Unclear Dangers May 11, 2015
In “[Unclear Dangers]( dangers)”, Amy Davidson writes that, following the Jade Helm 15 map and the attack on the “Draw Muhammad” contest, politicians are fostering a perception of Texas as a battlefield.
City Life May 4, 2015
In “[City Life]( racism-has-done-to-baltimore),” Jelani Cobb looks at what racism has done to Baltimore, where education, employment, health, housing, and policing have all broken down. Is this, he asks, what life in an American city should be?
Rescue First April 27, 2015
In "Rescue First," Philip Gourevitch argues that thousands are drowning in the Mediterranean because Europe is evading maritime law and custom.
Dangerous Gamesmanship April 20, 2015
In “Dangerous Gamesmanship,” Steve Coll writes that, by meddling with Obama’s negotiations in Cuba and Iran, Republicans are further fragmenting American power.
What Videos Show April 13, 2015
In “What Videos Show,” Amy Davidson writes about the police shooting of Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina, and argues that footage only matters when those who watch it make the right decisions.
The Free-Speech Crisis April 6, 2015
Listen to "Mute Button," George Packer's comment on the dangers of censorship.
Listen to "The Case for Negotiating with Iran," Steve Coll's comment why Obama is right to chose the risks of nuclear diplomacy over yet more war.
Listen to "Netanyahu Plays the Race Card," David Remnick's comment on how the Israeli Prime Minister has adopted Richard Nixon's Southern strategy.
Listen to "Questions for Hillary Clinton," David Remnick's comment on what the potential candidate should shave been talking about last week.
The Iran Countdown March 9, 2015
Listen to "The Iran Countdown," Amy Davidson's comment on Benjamin Netanyahu and why the Iran deal is worth it.
Listen to "A Cynical Challenge to the A.C.A.," Jeffrey Toobin's comment on how the health-care case before the Court is small in every way - except in the stakes riding on it's outcome.
No More Late Nights Feb. 16, 2015
Listen to "No More Late Nights," Emily Nussbaum's comment on how Jon Stewart became not merely a scourge of phonies but the nation's fact checker.
Listen to "The Politics of Measles," Margaret Talbot's Comment on vaccines and the law.
Listen to "Out Enduring Contradictions," Jelani Cobb's Comment in this week's New Yorker.
Satire Lives Jan. 13, 2015
Listen to “Satire Lives,” Adam Gopnik’s Comment about the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo.
The Fire This Time Jan. 5, 2015
Listen to “The Fire This Time,” David Remnick’s Comment about the relationship between New York’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, and the N.Y.P.D.
Southern Honeymoon Dec. 30, 2014
Listen to “Southern Honeymoon,” Amy Davidson’s Comment about whether same-sex marriage will conquer the Deep South.