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Off The Hook a podcast from 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. It discusses the hacker's view of the emerging technology, and the threats posed by an increasingly Orwellian society. Hear updates on security flaws from the hacker perspective, as well as the latest news from within the hacker community. Follow us on Twitter @HackerRadioShow and Mastodon

Mask trauma, spreading misinformation, mandates and bans, a nationwide EAS test occurred today, Apple to search iPhones for child porn.
NYC requires proof of vaccination for some indoor activities, Alexa "upgrade" woes, Australian payphone calls are now free, lost audio archives at , 2600 meetings are this Friday.
A late start, Ethereum developer and hacker Virgil Griffith back in jail for allegedly violating his bail terms, Raphael Satter from Reuters joins the panel this week to discuss the NSO Group and their Pegasus spyware.
Complaints to the FCC about SNL, calls for military action in response to ransomware attacks, video game hacks, hacker risks criminal charges by turning in college employee for child porn.
Redhackt joins the panel, the NYC 2600 meeting happened last week, feeling like things are getting back to normal, Donald Trump sues social media companies, federal judge blocks Florida's social media law, social media platform Gettr hacked, Biden supports right-to-repair.
2600 meetings return this Friday, foreign hacking groups in the news, OMNY: MTA's new payment method, vote count errors in NYC mayoral race, interesting phone numbers, smart meters spilling secrets about Texas snowstorm.
2600 meetings start back up in July, in-home vaccination, Connecticut makes all prison calls free, ranked choice voting, 12-year-old's Playstation account hacked and held for ransom, Colonial Pipeline updates.
"OTH Overtime" reported to YouTube for "medical misinformation", Extra Hope won't happen this year, 2600 meetings will resume soon, Reality Winner released from prison, the FBI had a good week.
Emmanuel gets Twitter-verified, unintended consequences of social media algorithms, Trump's blog abandoned after less than a month, Florida teen arrested and expelled after hacking school network, listener emails.
A late start and Skype problems, the HOPE conference starts this weekend, support WBAI & get a half-price HOPE ticket, Alex recalls an omen from a year ago, Lexicon talks about the Cyberpunk Now film festival planned for HOPE, Greg Newby discusses some of the technology that will be in …
The fundraiser continues, the HOPE conference starts in a few weeks, scrambling to organize the talks, the final two keynotes to be announced tomorrow, profiles of the three keynote speakers announced yesterday, virtual 2600 meetings, Trump wants to ban TikTok, BlueLeaks server in Germany confiscated, Facebook condemned in their own …
The fundraiser continues, The Hacker Digest lifetime subscription, three year subscription to 2600 Magazine, the hacker tote bag, Alex is still in PA, wearing a mask to slow the spread of covid-19 has become politicized, doctor visits are an odd experience now, planning for the upcoming virtual HOPE conference is …
Demonstrations in NYC and surrounding areas, Alex makes an emergency trip into the city, the hacker tote bag, The Hacker Digest lifetime subscription, three year subscription to 2600 Magazine, an update on the 2020 HOPE conference, 2600 Magazine is available at grocery stores, NYPD plans to encrypt their radio communications, …
An apology for last week's show, fundraising show, Greg Newby, Aestetix & Mitch Altman join via Skype to discuss the plans for the upcoming virtual HOPE conference, The Hacker Digest lifetime subscription, three-year subscription to 2600 Magazine, the hacker tote bag.
Audio problems plague the show, the HOPE conference will still be held in an expanded 9-day online event.
Fundraising show, the WBAI face mask, Alex is finally reunited with his family, protests against social distancing, personal accounts from those affected by covid-19, keeping everyone safe.
Are we on the air? Rob and Gila find toilet paper, Alex is still isolated in Pennsylvania, living with the new normal, countries lead by women handled covid outbreak better than those led by men, Zoom security concerns, attempting to take listener phone calls.
An update on Alex's health, more healthcare workers threatened with termination for speaking out, Dr. Nisha Mehta discusses the situation healthcare workers are facing, protests in Michigan, listener phone calls.
Making noise, an update on Alex's health, entrenched politics, failures of leadership, doctors punished for speaking out about inadequate protective gear, delivering supplies to those who need them, listener phone calls, 5G cellular towers being attacked.
An update on Alex's health, increasing protective measures, disturbing projections, weird noises, getting through this together, artificial software locks preventing ventilator repairs, it's census day, listener phone calls, 2600 meetings cancelled, Manu Dibango has passed away.