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Episodes of the Open Source Creative Podcast, a weekly podcast where I ramble about creativity, process, and open source software. The show features in- depth discussions about the nature of open source software and how it relates to doing creative work. And interviews! There are interviews now. Also, fair warning, I tend to use profanity. So if you’re sensitive to that, listen with the volume turned lower. Intro and outro music was shamelessly pilfered from the very talented Sam Brubaker.

We're talking Nodevember in this episode! Jonas and Luca explain what Nodevember is, how it started, and how you can be a part of it yourself. These two are great fun to listen to... and while you listen, you can make your own burst of node-y goodness.


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Older Episodes

This week we have a great talk with Greg Zaal about his website, [HDRI Haven](, a place where you can freely get high-quality 360-degree HDR images under a CC-0 license. We also talk about the process of making a good HDRI as well as the "sister sites" to HDRI Haven, …
In this episode, we talk with user interaction designer, Máirín Duffy about her work, the process of designing user experiences in software, and best practices for engaging open source communities. She's been doing this for a while and is super knowledgeable on the topic, so it's certainly worth a listen.
This week we get to talk with Pat David about [PIXLS.US](, GIMP, and a whole host of other topics around open source software, art, photography, and communities.
This week's guest is Marcin Jakubowski from the [Open Source Ecology]( project. They're making some really cool things and have a plan for giving people the tools (creative and otherwise) to build their own civilization.
Solo show this week! In response to a listener's feedback, I talk about a ring carving mount that I designed in Blender and produced on my 3D printer.
As promised, this is the follow-up to [Episode 45](/ep045/). We speak with Bong Wee Kwong and Miguel Pozo about BlenderNPR and get more details about the BEER renderer.
In this episode, I interview guest Lee Posey from the BlenderNPR community to talk all about non-photorealistic rendering in Blender, the BEER renderer, and the BEER Development Campaign that they've started to fund its development. It's also is an episode of firsts. It's the first episode with a guest and …
Let's consider this episode a bit of a primer (I pronounce that as **prime**-er, is that right? Or is it **primm**-er?) on how the whole open source development process works. Share it with your creative friends who need a little bit of schooling on how things work.
Catching Up June 2, 2020
And now the show is back! This is a little re-cap episode where I try to catch you up on all the interesting things that have happened since the last episode of the show. More importantly, however, I have questions for you. I'm not recording while driving anymore, so that …
After three long years, the Open Source Creative Podcast is returning from podfadery!
We're talking this week about conferences. Events, shows, gatherings, meet- ups... whatever you call them, they're incredibly valuable to attend, both personally and professionally (if you do it right). This show has me talking about why these events are so great, the conferences I like to attend, and a tip …
This talk in this show is all about file formats. Yeah, probably not the most super-exciting topic you might think to talk about, but it's an important one. Closed file formats are how proprietary vendors lock users into only being able to use their tools. Quite frankly, I'm not sure …
Wheee! We made it to 40 episodes! Pretty cool. In this week's show, I detail my hunt for a new mind mapping program. Freemind has been great to me over the years, but I needed something more. And... I think I've found it.
This week's show is a workflow episode! This go-'round I'm talking about writing process... specifically my writing process. I cover the process and the applications that I use to do my writing, both in the non-fiction and fiction arenas.
What's in a Name? May 4, 2017
In this episode we're talking about naming. In particular, I'm interested in trying to hash out whether or not the name of a software application is important as it pertains to user adoption and what not. I wasn't sure where I sat on the matter at the start of the …
The rant engine is fired up this week! This go-round we wind ourselves down the well-trodden and completely absurd path of people who believe that there's a single monolithic "computer graphics" industry and that everyone in that industry does everything the same way... and of course, none of those people …
Passionocracy? April 13, 2017
Open source software development isn't a meritocracy. It's something different, and it's got a lot more in common with creative collaboration than you might initially think. *That's* what we're talking about in this episode.
No, but Seriously April 6, 2017
Yes, my little bonus episode from the end of last week was indeed an April Fools joke. However, I think it's worth taking a moment and having a bit of a larger discussion.
Blender Buys Autodesk April 1, 2017
I'm starting a crowdfunding campaign!