The Reith Lectures

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Significant international thinkers deliver the BBC's flagship annual lecture series. This year, Stuart Russell explores the future of AI and asks: how can we get it right?

Professor Ali Mazrui examines the crisis of living standards in Africa.
The In-Dwelling Christ Dec. 6, 1978
Reverend Dr Edward Norman considers the importance of spirituality within Christianity.
Not Peace, but a Sword Nov. 29, 1978
Edward Norman explores the religious politics in his lecture 'Not Peace, but a Sword'
Reverend Edward Norman explores the Imperialism of Political Religion.
Reverend Edward Norman contemplates if human rights are the newest form of Commandments.
Ministers of Change Nov. 8, 1978
Reverend Norman explores who the 'Ministers of Change' are in society.
The Political Christ Nov. 1, 1978
Reverend Edward Norman examines the politicisation of Christianity.
The Social Order Feb. 15, 1978
Professor A H Halsey evaluates the bond of fraternity found in the British Society.
Professor A H Halsey examines the relationship between generations in a nuclear family.
The Rise of Party Feb. 1, 1978
Professor A H Halsey traces the growth of organisations in Britain's society.
A H Halsey explores the changing concept of 'Status' in British society.
Class-Ridden Prosperity Jan. 18, 1978
Professor A H Halsey investigates the class-ridden structure of Britain's Society.
To Know Ourselves Jan. 11, 1978
Professor A H Halsey explores the fluctuating characteristics of the British identity.
Madness and Morality Dec. 15, 1976
Professor Blakemore explores how society attempts to regulate the behaviour of its members
A Burning Fire Dec. 8, 1976
Colin Blakemore explores the evolution of speech and language.
A Child of the Moment Dec. 1, 1976
Neurobiologist Colin Blakemore explains how the brain creates and stores memories.
An Image of Truth Nov. 24, 1976
Neurobiologist Colin Blakemore explains how the mind creates sight and perception.
Neurobiologist Colin Blakemore discusses why humans need to sleep.
The Divinest Part of Us Nov. 10, 1976
Neurobiologist Colin Blakemore explores the historic concepts of the brain.