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US jury rules on herbicide, Roundup’s link to cancer, does the science agree?
Nasa’s Parker Solar Probe hopes to ‘touch the Sun’ in 2025
Drought and the Mayans Aug. 2, 2018
Measuring the extent of the drought that contributed to collapse of Classic Maya Society
Water on Mars July 26, 2018
Scientists have used radar technology to discover water beneath the surface of Mars
Scientists create hybrid embryos of extremely rare northern white rhino
Japanese space mission Hayabusa 2 successfully reaches boulder strewn asteroid - Ryugu
Understanding the risks and hazards of volcanic eruptions
The rate of sea level rise from melting ice sheets in Antarctica has trebled
Does the science of palaeontology suffer when dinosaur fossils are sold privately?
The Dunes of Pluto May 31, 2018
There are dunes on Pluto, but they are grains of frozen methane, not sand
Cape Town is warning that taps will be turned off in July if rains don’t come soon
Addressing the bias against women quoted in popular science articles
Slow motion videos of hundreds of hummingbirds reveal their remarkable manoeuvrability
60 years ago, the pioneering US Explorer 1 satellite launched the age of space science
The earliest Early Modern Human (Homo sapiens) fossil found outside Africa
African Swine Fever Jan. 18, 2018
The viral African swine fever is spreading through Europe, threatening pork production
The potential environmental disaster of the oil tanker accident in the East China Sea
Oddly flickering Tabby’s star not caused by alien technology, but more likely to be dust
The Best Science of 2017 Dec. 28, 2017
Roland looks back through some of the best science stories of 2017
Plans to develop an early warning system for landslides in the Western Ghats in India