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The Indian subcontinent is roasting in a prolonged heatwave. Is climate change to blame?
Solar geoengineering to curb climate change could worsen global malaria burden.
Brain scanning study reveals how psilocybin can help people with severe depression
What really happened in the cataclysmic eruption of the volcano Hunga Tonga in January?
Radioactive Red Forest March 31, 2022
Are Russian troops in forests around Chernobyl receiving a dangerous dose of radiation?
Warming world March 24, 2022
Extreme temperatures recorded in Antarctica and the Arctic.
Covid in the sewers March 17, 2022
Could novel forms of the virus be lurking in wastewater?
The territory is experiencing a rapid increase in infections and deaths
Covid -19 origins March 3, 2022
New analysis shows where inside the Wuhan market the virus first showed itself
US scheme accused of persecuting scientists is to be refocused
Messenger RNA used in vaccines against Covid-19 has been used to encourage bone healing
The inside story of Wuhan’s coronavirus lab
A new form of HIV has been uncovered in the Netherlands.
The roots of Long Covid Jan. 27, 2022
Detecting the early signals for long Covid
Why a small volcanic eruption had a global impact
It seems to be no more viable than the earlier delta variant
Could a cheap and conventional vaccine for Covid-19 end the pandemic?
2021 2021: The year of variants Dec. 30, 2021
The year began with Alpha, and ends with Omicron. What have we learnt?
Cases of the latest coronavirus variant are mild, so far – but that’s not the whole story
Omicron replicates seventy times faster than earlier variants.