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DeepMind publishes 350,000 of the structures which make all living things tick.
The UK Government’s cap on Official Development Aid, and its consequences for science.
The record-breaking recent Pacific North-West heatwave is attributable to humans.
New technology gives intricate 3D scans of insects
A virologist uncovers more dots to join in the hunt for Covid’s origins.
Nasa scientists find a doubling of our planet’s net solar energy absorption in 15 years
Researchers describe mechanisms by which the virus variants are tricking our cells.
Researchers map where the riskiest areas are for viruses to jump from bats into humans.
Nyiragongo eruption May 27, 2021
Understanding the world’s "most dangerous volcano"
Robot revolution May 20, 2021
The robot arm that comes with feelings
Covid and clean air May 13, 2021
How improving indoor air quality can prevent illness from many viruses
A fossilised child reveals an ancient caring society
Melting glaciers, warming coffee and a Dragonfly on Titan.
What’s behind the soaring numbers?
Can more money speed up rollout?
Scientists in the EU and the UK are looking out for rare blood clots in vaccinated people.
A third of people hospitalised for covid are readmitted sometime after discharge.
Fagradalsfjall, hints of leptoquark, and the 2020 rise of the preprint
International research collaborations feel the pinch of UK cap on development spending
A rare type of meteorite lands next to a rural UK house, and is now in professional hands