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Understanding viral damage to the brain and heart
Brazil’s Covid chaos May 28, 2020
The number of cases and deaths may be much higher than official figures show
Covid-19 vaccines May 21, 2020
More than a hundred vaccines are in development to fight the virus
Loosening lockdown May 14, 2020
Understanding which situations pose the highest risk for virus transmission is key.
Research from New York shows how our own immune response is responding to Covid 19
Early trials suggest Remdesivir can aid recovery
Presidents and pandemics April 23, 2020
Why they don’t mix
Tentative steps to relax the lockdown
The impossibility of social distancing and even handwashing in crowded refugee camps
As cases spread in Nigeria, can lessons from Ebola counter covid 19?
Why staying home is the best defence against Covid -19
Research from Italy and China, shows many people have the coronavirus but no symptoms
The pattern of transmission and prospects for drug treatments.
Fires were at least 30% worse due to mankind’s influence on the climate.
More new cases of Covid-19 are now outside China than inside - how can we map the virus?
A new public tool allows anyone to see where the virus is spreading
Could untried drugs developed for Ebola stop the virus?
Analysis of the impact of the new virus
New Coronavirus Jan. 23, 2020
What science can tell us about the emergence of a new virus in China
Mount Taal volcano Jan. 16, 2020
Why Mount Taal volcano near Manila produces so much ash and lightning