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Is it going to be a particularly bad burning season for Brazil’s rainforest?
Scientists investigate the precise physical events around last year’s lethal eruption.
Can science overcome the political impasse in nuclear proliferation policy?
The long term consequences of the intense burning across the region
A global appetite for shark meat and fins threatens these iconic predators
The comet Shoemaker – Levy 9 spectacularly crashed into Jupiter 25 years ago.
The solar panel which simultaneously produces electricity and purifies water
An analysis of weather and climate variables shows global warming had a role
Scientists are unpicking the influence of anthropogenic forces on this event as it happens
Iran’s nuclear plans June 20, 2019
What the threat to increase stockpiles of uranium really means
South Asia has experienced record temperatures, is this becoming the new normal?
The Trump administration halts scientific research on tissue derived from human embryos
Future food production will break planetary boundaries, if we don’t make changes
The geology that makes Sulawesi a natural disaster hotspot
Two rovers on the Japanese space mission Hayabusa 2 land safely on the asteroid Ryugu
558-million-year-old fat reveals that Dickinsonia was the earliest known animal
Why Hurricane Florence is headed for the US Eastern seaboard and the impacts of landfall
The cost to science of the fire which destroyed Brazil’s National Museum
The monsoon dropped a month’s rain in just two days, causing extreme flooding in SW India
The Cavendish banana is globally threatened by a fungal disease. Can genetics save it?