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Sourcetunk will try to demystify the beautiful beast that is Open Source and show the listeners the more practical examples of Open Source and Free Software. It will discuss software for Linux, BSD, MacOSX and Microsoft Windows systems

102 102 Sourcetrunk : ZoneMinder Jan. 19, 2015

This episode will help you setting up one of the best surveillance systems available, meet ZoneMinder !


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Older Episodes

101 101 Sourcetrunk : Flashrom Oct. 14, 2014
This episode will briefly describe the usage of Flashrom. Identify, read, write, verify and erase your flash chips from the command line. Yes, it's also the flash utility for linux to help you update your BIOS.
100 100 Sourcetrunk : Wordpress Sept. 15, 2014
This episode will briefly describe the installation and usage of Wordpress. Creating a website or blog with a thousands of plugins the easy way.
99 099 Sourcetrunk : Tomahawk June 3, 2014
This episode will fundamentally change the way your music is consumed. Meet Tomahawk !
98 098 Sourcetrunk : LightZone April 7, 2014
This episode will throw a bit of light on photo manipulation software. LightZone is the perfect workflow tool for all your RAW editing needs.
97 097 Sourcetrunk : Diagramo March 16, 2014
This episode will look into Diagramo : HTML5 flowchart software. Create your flowcharts and collaborate in the cloud or integrate flowchart software in your own web environment.
96 096 Sourcetrunk : Roundcube Jan. 30, 2014
This episode will briefly demonstrate Roundcube, a webmail client that should fit all your needs from within your browser of choice.
95 095 Sourcetrunk : Scratch Dec. 23, 2013
This episode will briefly introduce the wonderful Scratch programming environment. There is no excuse left to not teach your kids to program.
This episode will briefly explain WebRTC and show you how to create your own video conferencing room on a modest webserver with simpleWebRTC. It's simple, really simple.
93 093 Sourcetrunk : OpenShot Aug. 26, 2013
This episode will briefly introduce OpenShot. Video editing under Linux ... Really ? Really.
92 092 Sourcetrunk : MuseScore May 27, 2013
This podcast will help you if you are struggling with music, notes, rhythm as a beginning composer or musical enthousiast. Use MuseScore for all your musical editing needs.
Interior design has never been easier. Draw your new home and play with furniture, light and colors until it fits ! Meet Sweet Home 3D.
90 090 Sourcetrunk : Tripwire March 4, 2013
This episode will introduce you to Tripwire, a security and data integrity tool that let's you know if someone (or something) is altering your server files.
89 089 Sourcetrunk : Metasploit Jan. 27, 2013
This episode will introduce you to Metasploit, security software you can use to test your servers with (before someone else does), put on your white hat and get testing !
This (very short) episode will talk about Frozen Bubble. Lan gaming for the young, middle and older gamers.
87 087 Sourcetrunk : MiniDLNA Nov. 25, 2012
This episode will connect all sorts of multimedia devices together with DLNA, let's take MiniDLNA for a spin.
Meet an efficient, encrypted backup system that doesn't take hours to set up or maintain, simplicity rules with Duplicity and Déjà Dup.
85 085 Sourcetrunk : vsftpd Oct. 1, 2012
Meet probably the most secure and fastest FTP server for UNIX-like systems.
84 084 Sourcetrunk : Open Atrium Sept. 10, 2012
Meet the team collaboration tool with a kick of open source hotness. Any other description of Open Atrium would not be fitting enough.
This podcast will try to combine open source projects and mix them into a Debian based home server using ARM devices. A Pogoplug never performed better.