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Andrew Marr talks to Colm Tóibín, Karen Leeder and Jesse Armstrong
Richard Powers, Mya-Rose Craig and Simon Mundy talk to Andrew Marr
Life in the first person Sept. 13, 2021
Oliver Mears, Tiffany Watt Smith and Anil Seth talk to Tom Sutcliffe.
Ali Smith June 28, 2021
Ali Smith in conversation with Andrew Marr
Kirsty Wark with Jackie Kay, Rosemary Hill and Michael Armitage
Andrew Marr with Iestyn Davies, Jennifer Kavanagh and Jack Brown
Tom Sutcliffe with Lionel Shriver, David Jarrett and Jack Thorne.
Andrew Marr with Frances Wilson, Salman Rushdie and Simon Armitage
Kirsty Wark with Jemma Wadham, Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson and Dwayne Ryan Menezes.
Andrew Marr with Daniel Kahneman, Gillian Tett and Ann Cairns.
Amol Rajan with Patrick Radden Keefe, Zoe Williams and Heidi Larson
Andrew Marr with Cynthia Saltzman, Francesco da Mosto and Charles Saumarez Smith.
Tom Sutcliffe with Chine McDonald, Giles Fraser and Jeet Thayil.
Andrew Marr with Laurent Binet, Caroline Dodds Pennock and Christienna Fryar.
Nuclear destruction April 12, 2021
Amol Rajan with Serhii Plokhy, Patricia Lewis and Sarah Rainsford
Defining mental illness April 5, 2021
Andrew Marr with Suzanne O’Sullivan, Lucy Foulkes and Sally Holland
Andrew Marr with Tom Tugendhat, Geetha Tharmaratnam and Michela Wrong.
Tom Sutcliffe with Edward St Aubyn, Patricia Fara and Chris van Tulleken.
Andrew Marr with Matthew d’Ancona, Minouche Shafik and Kenan Malik
Understanding Melancholy March 8, 2021
Amol Rajan with Mary Ann Lund, Horatio Clare and Ahmed Hankir.